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Thanksgiving weekend is over, are you going to go back to “staying inside” regarding covid?

Asked by JLeslie (61783points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I’m not going to any indoor zumba this week, I’m waiting to see if Thanksgiving travel and parties caused an explosion of covid. Thursday I’m invited to lunch with friends and haven’t decided yet if I’ll go. I really want to see them, but I wish it wasn’t this coming Thursday.

Do you alter your caution level according to how many cases are in your local area? Do you wait to see a surge in cases, or do you pull back when you assume it’s higher risk even if there is no data yet? Do you ignore the statistics and just always try to be cautious?

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Today I went shopping to two stores and didn’t wear a mask. I’m vaccinated but I realize that if I do get sick, it’s my own fault. I haven’t really followed local cases recently. I’m not going to the movies or any indoor theaters, and probably won’t be traveling by plane any time soon, but shopping, no mask.

Lately I have some of what I think is called Covid fatigue, where I am just tired of hearing about it. I have a friend who texts often, now about the new variant and I told her I don’t really want to hear it.

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@jca2 I haven’t paid attention to the new variant reports at all, except knowing it’s out there.

The last three weeks I have taken a lot of risks. Especially I did over Thanksgiving weekend when I would have preferred not to take such risks, but made exceptions because of Chanukah and my BIL visiting.

I want to take a week off from thinking about covid, so I’m in the frame of mind to just not interact with people for several days. A mental break more than anything.

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I am super cautious, and have been since the beginning of the pandemic. I rarely go to stores, and when I do, I am fully masked and filtered. I avoid people like the plague (because covid is like a plague). I go through the self check out line when there is one. I socially distance if I need to stand in a line. I still wipe down the carts with my own sanitizing wipes, every single time. I remove and wash my mask as soon as I get home. I either put it in the washing machine with a load, or I rinse it out with Lysol laundry sanitizer in the sink, then let it air dry overnight. I spray my shoes with disinfectant when I get home and leave them outside. I have lots of extra clean masks and filters ready to use. I rarely get take out, and I wouldn’t eat inside a restaurant or go to a movie, or an indoor event if you paid me. I only visit with a small number of friends who I know are fully vaccinated. And that is not very often. I don’t go to parties, or other social events at all. We don’t have company, except for a few times with my brother and SIL and their child, all of whom are vaccinated. So basically, I pretty much do the same things (or lack thereof) that I have since the beginning. This pandemic is nowhere near over.

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I am still the fraidiest of cats, and will likely up my mask game for shopping and such. I doubt I’ll be doing restaurants until after the holidays, depending on the numbers. Oh well. Small groups of trusted friends in people’s homes is a nice idea.

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I’m going back to small group socializing and continuing to mask. I was out and about in NYC for a few days over the holiday and I will lay a bit low now but not as “locked down” as I was. I don’t have any big travel plans for Christmas/Chanukah and I am grateful for that.

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I altered my caution level in the past, somewhat, because the local levels have swung quite a bit at times. It’s been a while since I’ve checked. I’ve kind of settled into a usual level of caution, where I wear a mask in public and try to usually keep 6 feet from people, and haven’t been going to live boardgame meet-ups, but I shop, go to the doctor, etc, and occasionally to a restaurant. I just got a 3rd vaccine shot.

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I’m like @jca2, but my covid fatigue started in about August of 2020.

I’ve got one group I see twice a week and have been since March or April without masks, I go to medical appts with masks, groceries are delivered, and go to one small store for odds and ends with mask. Basically not much has changed for me since it began.

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My county is the only county in my state that has had a mask mandate for the past several months. We also have the highest vaccination rate in our state at 78.14%. I think it’s no coincidence that we have the lowest percentage of positive Covid cases in our state, even though case counts are running high right now.

I’m slowly venturing out and will continue to do so. I just went to my first indoor concert in two years. Masks and vaccination records were required.

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