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Will you be traveling for the upcoming holidays?

Asked by JLeslie (61652points) 1 month ago from iPhone

In the US that would be Thanksgiving, Christmas, and/or New Years.

Does covid impact your decision to travel or not to travel, and also does the pandemic influence where you are willing to go and who you are willing to be with?

If you think there is more risk over the holidays will you opt to visit friends and family a different time of year instead?

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Nope too many unvaccinated still mingling with the rest of the population, my county has 45% vaccinated. . . .

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No place to go so no.

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No staying home. I hate travelling on holidays. Even pre covid.

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I’d love to travel overseas (Scotland perhaps) but not now, with the pandemic.

I’d love to travel to another state, but Covid numbers are a big influence. That really limits things.

As far as over the holidays, it’s a possibility if there’s nothing going on in my family as far as people visiting, and if I find a place that inspires me. I wouldn’t want to go north as it would be freezing. I can’t go east because I’m about as far to the east as I could get. There’s not a whole lot to the west, unless I fly. South is a possibilitiy, maybe Virginia, if the numbers are good.

I’ve been considering that the holidays are coming, but I’m not sure yet.

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I’m thinking of making a visit to family back east, but in early December, not for any holiday itself. Although, wow, would that simplify things. I have to think about that.

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I’m going by train to visit cousins in suburban Maryland for Thanksgiving. I’m not too worried about contracting Covid on the train. For the other holidays, I’ll be home.

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I have no plans to travel at present, though that could change. Covid is still a consideration for me.

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I’ll answer my own Q.

Because of covid I don’t plan to go anywhere for the holidays. In fact I consider right now (end of October through the Saturday before Thanksgiving) the COVID lull. We might take a short weekend vacation for the first time in two years before Thanksgiving.

Once Thanksgiving hits I’m assuming it will be high risk again in Florida. I’ll watch cases, but I fully plan on possibly having to stop going to zumba again, and any other indoor activity through early January. It would be great if cases don’t spike, I’d love to be wrong.

I guess there is an off chance my husband will want to go to Christmas at his parents house, maybe I’ll go along with it, especially if I have my third shot by then. They are 3.5 hours away.

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My biological family is all nearby. I don’t have to travel. My circle of friends is mostly 90 miles away. I will be driving to see them a few times.

I flew in September for a fishing trip. We skipped the trip in 2020 because of Covid.

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@Call_Me_Jay I realized I probably should have included congregating with people who are not in usual regular contact. People who “travel” less than an hour for a six people or larger holiday dinner, and any other time of year it’s rare for the group to be together.

I know where I live a lot of people last year who didn’t visit family over the holidays but did go to a holiday dinner here in town with friends. I did nothing on purpose. I wasn’t eating with other people at all at the time and to me a holiday dinner was the worst time to break the rule.

One of my best friends here who I sometimes eat Thanksgiving with apologized that I wasn’t invited (I wouldn’t have gone) and she wouldn’t allow her nephew who was in state for the holiday (had traveled from out of state) to come to visit either when her sister asked about coming to visit over the Thanksgiving weekend.

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Yes for Thanksgiving week. I don’t really want to fly, but I haven’t seen my Mom since pre Covid.
It’s time.
Christmas – New Years trip will be on the beach in Santa Cruz
February will be Barbados
April will be hiking Camino de Santiago (Spain/France)

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I have family visiting for Thanksgiving, including an unvaccinated child (along with my two unvaccinated children). I would not have made those plans, but it’s what is happening. I think it is irresponsible to get different households together with unvaccinated individuals, but I didn’t have a say in those travel plans. I was hoping the pediatric covid vaccine would be available around now so that they can be fully vaccinated by Thanksgiving, but we’re still waiting.

I would not be concerned about holiday travel if everyone congregating was vaccinated, but there are plenty of reasons to stay home. I will be requesting negative covid tests within 72 hours of plane travel or once people arrive here, but they will be asked to stay masked until their results come back. I’m also asking people to self-isolate for about a week before traveling.

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@Cupcake I know some people who ask relatives for negative COVID tests before visiting. One friend, her DIL is pregnant so she requested it, and my friend happily complied, she is fully vaccinated.

So many breakthrough cases here is a consideration. Older population and higher chance of low immune response to the vaccines.

Although, cases are way down again now that visitors aren’t here and we are indoors a lot, no masks in “large” groups, and outdoors in crowds every night. I think The Villages is a great example that the vaccines make a huge difference in preventing spread of the virus.

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@JLeslie Another point is that for early vaccinators, they are now eligible for a booster because their immunity may be waning. So if folks are not getting a booster, they may be less protected than they think.

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@Cupcake Lots of Villagers are triple vaccinated already, probably thousands of Villagers. They didn’t wait or listen to FDA they looked at the Israeli recommendations and what the CDC director was saying, which was basically if you feel you’re higher risk and you want the third go get it.

I was curious to see if a Delta variant shot gets approved and curious about the Moderna half dose study before I run out and get the third. Although, if they approve the half dose and I want a full dose, I might have trouble getting it at that point.

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