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In light of the current situation in the US, what are you doing for Thanksgiving tomorrow?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32851points) 1 month ago

Are you traveling? Are you gathering with family? Are you dining with immediate family only?

I will have a Zoom call with my children, and then I will dine alone on food brought to me by a good friend.

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Eating at home with immediate family when I get off work. Rat Bastard boss sweetened the deal of working tomorrow for $25 an hour, 12 hour shift. Gave in to greed but mama bear is cool with it, said she’ll save me and her a plate for when I get off . I’ll try one day without sweating politics. Wife wont be alone anyway, got our son and grand kids to keep her company and help cook.

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Just my daughter and I probably gorging on stupid food, I just didn’t have the energy to cook much. We’ll watch the parade and the dog show, and some dumb stuff.
Have a lovely Thanksgiving, @Hawaii_Jake, give my love to the fam, especially your oldest daughter!!! <3

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We’re invited to friends’ (friends we spend time with virus or not), but we’re just going to stay home. So it’s me and my middle school-aged daughter. She asked for ham, so ham it will be. I’m making a few sides, putting the desserts on the table like a buffet, taking some photos, probably talking on the phone and texting family and friends, and watching movies. My plan is to be relaxed all day and just enjoy it.

I’m off all week as far as not having to go to the office, so it is a fun week. Stay up late, drink coffee all morning, no worries about having to get to sleep or keep a schedule. Daughter’s school has been remote due to some positive cases in her school, so her sleep schedule is all screwed up, too.

Happy Thanksgiving Jellies!

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@jca2 back atcha! Have a good one.

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@canidmajor Thank you. Love to you and yours. Happy Thanksgiving.

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I’ll be home on my own since plans with neighbors became too uncomfortable. May get a take out turkey dinner for a local diner or may just eat the meatloaf I made tonight.

Actually feeling a little sadder than I expected to be at not being with family.

We are going to Zoom in the evening. Otherwise it will be pjs and reading, etc.

Happy Thanksgiving all! Next year will be better!

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@janbb I understand your sadness. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love being with a large gathering of family and friends and enjoying a feast. You are right. Next year will be a good one.

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Rick and I are cooking and cooking. We have an open door policy but no clue if anyone will show up.

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I live in a shelter so the pastor of the local church is going to cook for us.

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@socialfly26 Now that’s a pastor worthy of the Title. I can respect a cleric like that. I fear they are few and far between.

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Going for an easy 9½ mile canoe paddle with my wife in our OC2 in the morning.
Will smoke a small turkey on our Webber then have dinner with just my wife and 2 cats.

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Where do you live @gondwanalon? Here in Kansas we’d have to break ice to canoe!

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I will be staying here hoping you all have a nice Thanksgiving and stay safe…

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Immediate family only, where I have been since March. No one has been in our house, and I have not been in anyone else’s house. I’ve only gone out to go to the grocery store, and a few doctor’s appointments. We don’t go anywhere else. My folks are in the high risk group.

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For me, it’s like Christmas or any other holiday: A day to go to work. Since this is so, I have Thanksgiving on the following Saturday.

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We are swapping our usual 25 family & friends and 30-pound bird for just the three of us (and the doggies) and a 10-pounder. Still making sides and pies, but it won’t be the same.

Everyone is Zoomed out here, so we’re opting for old fashioned phone calls. Will certainly miss everyone.

We toyed with the idea of a smaller, 10-person day, but ultimately no one was really comfortable with it. Gotta just focus on being grateful.

Ah well, gotta be apart so we can be together next time.

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Family of six at dinner. No touching.

Will stop by my elderly in-laws a few blocks away for a quick porch visit, social-distanced coffee and cake.

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On the bright side, that was the fastest I’ve ever cleaned up after Thanksgiving dinner.

Come to think of it, I didn’t have to get up at 5AM to start the bird either.

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