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Any GoPro “QUIK” edit experts here?

Asked by gondwanalon (20715points) 1 month ago

I’ve been using GoPro cameras for 6 years.
Been editing videos using a desktop computer and iMovie.

I like the GoPro “QUIK” app (on my iPad) because it has editing “stickers” that shows actual speed that the camera is traveling on whatever it is attached.

I have no problem attaching the GPS stickers on my video clips.
But if I try to edit the clip further (other than shortening) by adding music or any other way, then the GPS sticker disappears.

It appears that I can either have the GPS sticker or modify the clip in another way but I can’t have both (GPS and more editing). Is that true?

Got no response from GoPro about this.

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GoPro Quik desktop app was discontinued. It was too old to even support HERO 9/8/7 well.

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@Navas9 Thanks. I understand that GoPro QUIK doesn’t function on my Apple desk top computer. QUIK is working on my Apple iPad. I can do a lot of modifications of GoPro video clips like shorten, slow down, add music and add text. But I can’t add “stickers” and music on the same clip. Oh well.

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