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Does anyone else enjoy noticing that today's date is 12-2-21?

Asked by Jeruba (55325points) December 2nd, 2021

Of course, that only works in the MMDDYY notation, American-style, not with day preceding month and not with the full year. And as for meaning, it hasn’t any. Still, it’s a pleasing symmetry, and in dates those are rare.

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It actually is 2–12-21

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I never noticed today’s date had that until I saw this question.

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Yup – and all the rest of the dates until 12/10 are palindromes as well.

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Once when I was going through Immigration into England, the officer noted that my birth date and year were a palindrome but that was only in the UK/European listing.

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Sure. I like numbers.

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I was thinking about 12–11-21 and 12–22-21 yesterday, on 12–1-21.

Perhaps we should write some notes for future generations of people who will wonder whether people were excited by these dates, telling them how we reveled in them.

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I noticed it when I was sitting on the bus, and the read-out had it right there. It only works written in the American way. It still works if you write it out longer: 12–02-2021. It’s fun.

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February 22 of next year will be majorly palindromic, with the American and European numerical layouts.

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^^ As will February 2.

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If it was in the MMDDYY notation, it would be 12–02-21.

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But that’s computer notation. It’s not people notation.

And if you want to look at it that way, then it has to be 02–22-22, and that’s unbalanced too.

I do regret missing 12–1–21.

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If you go MMDDYYYY you have 12022021, which is palindromic.

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That’s a good one, @filmfann.

12321 coming right up.

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Is there a name for a palindrome that’s also an ambigram?

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Whoa, @raum. Do you know one?

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Depending on the font, aren’t most of these dates? Zero, one and two all read the same on an old-school calculator.

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It’s an ambigram. People were posting about this yesterday.

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I saw a post on FB that it’s also the same upside down (if you look at the numbers upside down, they look the same as rightside up).

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Two years with reciprocal verticality are 1881 (which would also apply to 1/8/81) and my beloved 1961 (which would also apply to 1/9/61).

January 21, 2020 was the 21st day, of the 21st year, of the 21st century.

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