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How should I convince my parents to let me continue Violin?

Asked by sad4ever (19points) December 15th, 2021

I have played the violin for 8 years and even got into a professional orchestra for teens. Now, my parents want me to quite violin since its the end of middle school. I really want to continue; having explained to my parents already that the reason I want to continue violin is because I really enjoy it, now in an advanced level learning the pieces I’ve always wanted to learn, and importantly, because I will take Violin as a Minor Subject in University. They still said it was a BAD reason and will force me to quite by the end of 8th grade. My parents have been verbally threatening me to quit violin for the last 8 years I’ve played violin. What should I do/say?

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You can tell them that you will pay your own way. Either with a part time job, or tutoring violin, or allowance if you get.

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Have they explained to you why don’t they want you to play violin?

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You can also say that playing a musical instrument helps with the universities admission prerequisites. To make you seem a well rounded student. You can volunteer to teach kids the violin and have that on your university application as well.

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Practice at home for an hour every day. If they get tired of hearing you, they may suggest you take up lessons once again.

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Ask why they don’t want you to play violin. Our talk to them and tell them why you want to play and tell them you have fun doing it. If prices are a concern tell them that you can pay for them by earning the money to get the lessons.

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Are your parents paying for lessons? Does your high school (or whatever the next level of school is called where you live) have Orchestra in the school?

I also think you have to find out why they object to you continuing? Do they want you not to minor in violin when you are at university? Is it too expensive for them to continue paying for lessons? Do they think it will distract you from other studies? We are just guessing here.

Tell them how much you love playing the violin and ask them why they want you to stop.

Give us an update when you find out more information.

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That makes me angry! With all the kids using drugs and alcohol, joining gangs, getting into trouble and having no goals in life, they should bow down and thank you for being such a fine young person, one they should be proud of. Don’t say exactly that to them, but you could make those points in a round-about way. I agree with the others here. Try to talk to them. I know it’s very little consolation, but if they absolutely refuse, you could wait until you’re on your own and take it up again. Keep us posted. and try not to be sad, especially 4ever 8)

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What is THEIR reasoning? If you have that much conviction then your should be able to have a respectful discussion on this.
Are you able to do it on your own if you had your own funds?
As others have stated, there are so many negative things going on in this world surround youth today. Music has so many redeeming values and results. I would help someone out in this very case if they were unable to fund it.

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Can your teacher talk to them?

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Talk to your teacher about a music scholarship and include your parents in the conversation.

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I don’t think the OP has visited since the day they created this question. I hope they come back and update us.

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