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Do you consider this stealing?

Asked by XrayGirl (529points) September 15th, 2008

You are at work, you are NOT on break, NOT at lunch, can’t find anything to do so you are HERE on Fluther on the company’s time….

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You know I can never find any time in my day when there isn’t something to do.

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Could be considered stealing. As your boss, I’d say the problem is that you weren’t working. There’s always SOMETHING you can do. If you really think there isn’t, you’d be comfortable asking your boss if there’s anything he wants you to do since things are slow.

Are you sneaking the computer use? Why?

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I’m a full-time professional tutor. I’m on here (and other sites) when I have an appointment that’s a no-show, so no, it’s not stealing for me.

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@ Mr. M: noooo, I am at home, I get on the computer at work only on a break, and if I cannot find work, I leave…..The last thing I want to do is be at work, NOT WORKING.. I would rather be productive or gone…we can leave at my job if we are done with what we are doing.

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Well then you want to check the policy. Some places have a “hands off the internet” policy TOTALLY to keep staff from visiting porn sites, or gambling sites while on the job. Also, depending upon how much you are in the public “eye”, your boss may not want customers or other departments to see you on the internet (even though it’s your break, others don’t know that). The boss may be concerned that customers will think staff is lazy and/or other departments may think YOUR department should have some of THEIR workload.

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I am a professional. I spend many, many hours in my office in front of the computer, working. I occassionally need a mental break.

Work NOT getting done is not an option. I work at my own pace and if I’m silly enough to spend too much time on fluther during the day…you’ll find me home in front of the computer working at night and on weekends.

So no, I’m not stealing.

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Nope. Lately have been working from home. I just shuffle my hours around to accommodate for the hours I’ve wasted. Just as well though, because I’m a bit of a night owl.

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An old boss of mine considered me emailing other people in the office about trivial bs stealing. When I came for my final check he said he was going to take the money from my check and I could come back for it later. He never did. I think it’s because my response was, “Didn’t you just tell us about that sexual harassment complaint the new girl brought up about <employee 1> and <employee 2>? That’s illegal isn’t it?” So I guess it depends on how much of a jag your boss is. Personally, I don’t think it is. You need a break every now and then. Plus if others are given smoke breaks you’re entitled an equal break – however it may state in your policies that you can’t use the computer during breaks at which point my statement is mute.

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Just about the only time I fluther is from work. But it’s not stealing because I do it with full permission. I have a great job, and this is one of the perks.

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