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What amazing events or records have you personally seen at a ballpark?

Asked by MrItty (17381points) September 15th, 2008

I was at Yankee Stadium yesterday and saw Derek Jeter tie Lou Gehrig’s record for hits at the Stadium. Absolutely incredible. What similar memories have you witnessed?

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I got to see Barry Bonds beat Hank Aaron’s homerun record. It was an amazing sight! The place just exploded!!!

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In 2001 I saw Barry Bonds hit home runs number 71, 72, and 73, each one a new record.

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I didn’t witness this myself, but it certainly qualifies as an amazing event, at a ballpark, as far as I am concerned.

R.I.P, Mickey Mantle!

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I was at the game when Randy Johnson (Arizona Diamondbacks) hit the dove with his fastball in midair!

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Sitting in the upper deck at Shea Stadium in 1969 when the Mets beat the Atlanta Braves in the third game of the playoffs. Boswell’s home run had everyone going crazy.

Spent the night at Shea waiting to buy tickets. Had to work and could not do the same for the World Series, unfortunately.


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Randy Johnson’s perfect game against the Braves – I’ve actually seen the dove game and most of Randy’s record breakers with the Dbacks.

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