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Does anyone have any luggage suggestions?

Asked by mamasu (1380points) September 15th, 2008

So, we’re heading out on another adventure with the munchkins in 2 weeks. The last trip, most of our luggage was fairly well shredded by the kind folks working for the airlines. Now I need new luggage for them to tear up. I really don’t want to pay loads but I do want something that will last more than a year and can fit all my kids things and our things. Any thoughts or suggestions? Should I just hit target? Are there brands or styles that hold up better than others? I hate shopping, so any help that will let me click my mouse and have my luggage delivered to my door would be fantastic.

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I suggest Target or Walmart. I was luggage shopping recently and all the really good luggage is so expensive.

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I like looking through TJ Maxxxxxxx, or whatever version of that store you have. (AJ Wright, Marshalls, etc). They usually have some really good brands (Delsey, for one) and they are super cheap.

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poofandmook, luggage sure is expensive. It’s amazing to me.

Les, is Delsey a good brand? I’m afraid I don’t know much about luggage brands.

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Delsey is one of the best brands. I own multiple pieces of Delsey, and they really stand up to everything the TSA can throw at them (literally). But even if you can’t find Delsey, those stores I mentioned usually carry better quality things than Walmart, so the lifetime you’ll get out of them will be much longer.

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Thank you so much. I’ll head out tomorrow and browse TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I don’t think we have AJ Wright here.

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Let your fingers do the walking. Two of the best catalogs for travelers;

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In my experience, if you’re looking for luggage that’s going to get beaten up, Wal-Mart is the way to go.

Wait, you said it needs to last a year. Never mind. I thought you said it needed to last until you got it to the checkout counter.

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I have suitcases I’ve used for years that I bought at Wal-Mart and they’re fine.

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I don’t actually have a Wal-Mart near me. I did look in TJ Maxx and found nothing. Target had a couple of individual pieces that seemed pretty sturdy. I guess my dilemma stems from the fact that we travel 3 or 4 times a year with all the gear that goes with young children. I can either suck it up now and buy some really good stuff (whatever that may be) or try to budget and hope for the best. Given the economy right now, budgeting seems wisest, but who knows. I never thought luggage would provide such a quandry.

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The Rack! It’s the place stuff from Nordstroms goes to die and they usually have really nice luggage for super, super cheap. It’s a great deal!

(My mum got me an amazing bit of luggage there – a nice sized bag that you can attach wings to to turn it into a backpack. Just the right size for carry on, like a rollycase but easier because backpack. I love it)

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