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What are the negatives, of having integrity?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19782points) 2 days ago

Pervious question.

Humor and helpful on topic answers welcome.

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Some people will not understand or agree with your decisions.
You may lose a few friends along the way. Those people however are worth losing.

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There are no negatives to it, in my book.

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You will never get elected as president.

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Ever hear the term “No good deed goes unpunished?” People don’t want to hear or act on any truths that are uncomfortable, inconvenient or against the status quo. If you’re the messenger for it you will get shot. It may be the right thing to do anyway though. IMO we need better laws for whistle blowers.

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Ever hear someone described derisively as “a boy scout”?

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You could lose your job if you are a politician. HA!

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Haven’t you ever heard the expression Good guys finish last? It is often true and often because of their integrity and refusal to follow along with the crowd when he or she doesn’t believe in the so-called cause.

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“Haven’t you ever heard the expression Good guys finish last?”
At least in one context, that is a positive.

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Ask Alexei Navalny who Putin tried to murder.

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It’s harder to win when you don’t cheat. I don’t mind the work though.

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