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Is there anything I can do?

Asked by Thuyle (240points) January 17th, 2022

So I’m pregnent and I’m having a hard time adjusting to it. Most of the things my husband say to me gets me mad or upset even if he’s joking. Today was bad because I haven’t been sleeping for the past 3 days and was feeling overwhelmed and stressed. My husband drove me to work and I end up crying, but before I can leave for work he want to talk to me to make sure I’m okay and decided to walk me to my workplace. I guess with everything going on I got mad and threw my phone and water bottle at him. Security guard saw what was happening in the car and notify the front desk and now I feel like people at work are talking about me and assuming I’m in an abusive relationship when it’s not the case. I guess my way if going about things are wrong and been stressing about what my co workers think.

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Yes. You can seek professional help from a therapist. That is what I recommend.

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I would also suggest you speak with someone from HR. As you are pregnant, they should be understanding and that would be one less worry. It would be worth checking if there are any antenatal groups in your area too.

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Throwing things at a partner is not acceptable behavior whether you are pregnant or not. I I were you, I would worry more about that than what people are thinking. You need to find better ways of coping and getting the rest you need through your pregnancy and parenthood.

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This situation got stressful and we were talking on whether we’re ready to be parents since I’m dealing with stress in the wrong way, but I got to do better for my husband and baby.

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I have to ask you a question. You are talking about being pregnant and having a husband but in 2018, you asked a question that involved having a wife. Have you changed gender or are what is going on? I’m not nosy but I want to know if you’re trolling us or serious.

Here’s the previous quetion:

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My husband use the account too. It was only because he was stressed out about that particular situation that I let him know about fluther and let him use it on my account. He made his own account but got lock out He rarely use it though. Sorry about the confusion

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@Thuyle Oh – thanks for explaining! That makes sense.

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Have you considered that your erratic behavior might be linked to a major hormonal imbalance from the pregnancy? Maybe speaking with your doctor could help. I’ve never been pregnant, but I’ve had friends and family who grew weird af while pregnant and it seemed to begin with what one doctor called raging hormones. My understanding is that the hormonal change fluctuates throughout the pregnancy. Maybe you’ll get lucky and they will level off in time

I wouldn’t worry about what anybody in the office thinks. I bet they are so self absorbed that they don’t care about what’s happening to you. You may be stressing yourself out over nothing. For now, deal with your own emotions an let others deal with theirs. Unless something specific is said directly to you, I’d let the thoughts of the office be the last thing on my mind

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I’d look into therapy to deal with your anger and frustration issues. Maybe now this is a problem but once the child comes, you’re going to have CPS called on you if you’re throwing things and screaming (especially in public). Then it’s a whole can of worms as far as the government’s interventions.

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Hi, so I went to a clinic today to get check for my baby’s health just to make sure everything fine since a lot of stress been involved and they offer free counseling to better myself. I decided to make an appointment to help me deal with my anger and stress better. Usually my mom and sisters deal with stress the same way I do so we never really learn a healthy way for it but with the baby on the way, I want to become a better person.

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A lot of people are suggesting therapy and the like, but I’m thinking a little more basically here. Is there any way you can get caught up on your sleep? I don’t know what the home situation is and I don’t know if your job will allow you to take a couple days off, but probably one of the most basic things you can do for yourself right now is to catch up on sleep. You said you hadn’t slept in 3 days, and I know how cranky I feel after not getting even one good night’s sleep. And I’m not pregnant! So I can’t imagine how on that you must be feeling, even if you don’t consider that hormones and such are changing.

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Yeah it’s just been really hard to sleep at night so I nap when I get home from work, but it only last for 2 hours. It’s just since the pregnancy I have to constantly get up and use the bathroom, plus I just feel more nauseous at night

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