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If Ghislaine Maxwell gives the names of the eight men she supposedly has listed as being conspirators in sex crimes, do you think she 'deserves' a lighter sentence?

Asked by rebbel (35501points) January 22nd, 2022

As asked.

Edited to add:
I don’t know if my description of the eight is correct, so I will write “Maxwell’s 8 John Doe’s” instead.

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The more men, the more guilt.

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Sure. If she’s turned states evidence and can implicate a wider ring.

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She has given these names.
No she will not get any leniency. It is opening the door on other cases such as the Prince Andrew connection.

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Men everywhere are shaking in their boots that were friends of those people.
I don’t think she will get leniency.

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I think so.

I think that some men will be shaking in their boots!

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She might buy a lighter sentence by disclosing names, because that’s how the system works, but when you use the word “deserves” it’s a different story.

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The 8 names have been given already, they are just not released to the public yet.
It will have no effect on her sentence. It will only spread around the outrage.

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“Lighter” than if she doesn’t, yes.

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No, either way she was a willing accomplice to Epstein’s criminal activity. Her sentence should be based on that criminality.

If she wants to name eight names to clear her own conscience, so be it. But her criminal sentence ought not be affected.

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But @elbanditoroso , while that makes sense for her punishment for her past actions, her current behavior is another matter. And helping versus obstructing eight other investigations could be eight additional charges.

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No, it tells me that she was guilty a minimum of 8 more times. A life sentence would be more appropriate in my opinion

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Since she has multiple convictions and since she’s no spring chicken, even if they did give her a lighter sentence, she’d still have life imprisonment.

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