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What is your latest, freshest, and most recent piece of nonprofessional medical advice to share?

Asked by Jeruba (55747points) January 27th, 2022

Here’s mine: when you’re booked for any kind of scan that involves the word “contrast,” don’t plan anything for later that day. Not even the next, if you can help it.

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A Cologuard test is sort of gross but easier than a colonoscopy.

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Really strong gum can mask the taste of chemo.

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I have neuropathy in my feet. My doctor prescribed Gabapentin, which helped, but gives me morning grogginess. It is also hard on the liver.
My brother has the same trouble, but much worse. He recommended my taking 500mg of Alpha Lopaic Acid and Vitamin B. I did, and my neuropathy is so much better! I no longer take the Gabapentin every day.

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CBD for arthritis pain.

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Lots of people take vitamins and over the counter suppliments as a low cost way to maintain health & avoid common illnesses – BUT some products can skew tests and lab results:

• High potency biotin (for hair & skin) can cause false positives in COVID tests.

• Vitamin C over 2000 mg can interfere with blood tests for colon cancer.

• The calcium and glucosamine suppliments many women take for bone & joint health can screw up bone density scans.

Tell your doctor/nurse/lab tech everything you take, prescription or otherwise.

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Drink plenty of water, I start everyday with a liter of ice water. More during the day.

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Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle as we age. On average people lose 3–5% muscle every decade from age 30.

Walking does not build muscle. (It is a good exercise though, I’m not criticizing walking).

You need to tire a muscle and then give that muscle a “day off” to build muscle.

That means to just maintain muscle as you age you need to do exercises that build muscle.

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@JLeslie Did you watch that on PBS, by chance? I did. Use it or lose it was the mantra. Very helpful!!

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@KNOWITALL No! What show was it? I went to a presentation here where I live given by Dr. Gabe Mirkin. I’ve been to more than one of his presentations.

Love him for practical advice. I see him out dancing sometimes, and also riding his bike. He taught at a few different medical schools and published a book or two.

Another link:

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Please stay away from cox-2 inhibitors.

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Cell phone elbow is a thing.

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Take ibuprofen or Tylenol about a half hour or 45 minutes before getting a mammogram to make the procedure less painful.

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If in doubt, get it checked out.

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Become more proactive in your health, do not depend on one Doctor,search, read on the problem in the present, as new reserch is progressing the better newer ways to combat illiness.

Realize that make-up is compossed of many chemicals that cause types of cancer, so stop using especially foundation ( is one) and lipstick, mascara etc

Realize that ALL Alcohol have ingredients that can cause caners to develop later.

Taking good care of your body involves being aware of assaults on the healthy body that over time can, hasten a serious illness.

From foods, environment,make up, activities,habits of which can be directed and changed into healthier habits to sustain a healthy life .

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