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How do I add music to a Motorola smartphone?

Asked by JLeslie (65080points) February 2nd, 2022

A friend has a Motorola smartphone and I want to help her put music on the phone so she can play it in a dance class. The class system has an outie that fits into the headphone innie on phones. My iPhone doesn’t have the round innie, does her Motorola?

I have the music in files in my computer and in itunes and on a CD. She doesn’t have a computer. Does she have an app on her phone, that if I connect her phone to my computer I can copy them into her phone? Copy from where? My files or the itunes?


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1) chances are that Motorola supports headphone jacks. (innies, as you called them). You need a 1/8 inch phono cable to go into the innie. You’ll need to see what the size is for the speaker at her dance club.

2) if her Motorola is reasonably new, it will have a place for a micro-SD card. But a card- not expensive, maybe $8 for 32 gb, which is a lot of music.

3) Install the microSD card on her phone.

4) on YOUR computer, plug in your USB from the PC to the phone using the charging port.

5) Her phone will say “connected for charging” and then ask you if you want to do something else. You select FILES or FILE TRANSFER, something like that.

6) Once you have told the phone you want to do FILE TRANSFER, you will her a beep and then open your Windows File Manager.

7) Look for her phone as a device (left side) – it will show Motorola or the phone name or something similar.

8) Click that icon for the phone, and you will see two device beneath – the PHONE and the Storage card.

9) Make a directory on the storage card called Music

10) Then using normal Windows copy/paste functions, go to YOUR music folder on the PC, click COPY (or select all / copy) .

11) Navigate to the PHONE’s storage card – Music directory. It will be empty.

12) On Windows File Manager, click PASTE and the music files will be copied to that location.

Question: What music player will she use? There are a zillion of them. She can download one called Pulsar – it’s free and it works well.

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@elbanditoroso So, it has to be on the card, she doesn’t have a music app that comes with the phone? Is it possible her phone already has one of those cards in it? It’s all sounding complicated, she is already reluctant.

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1) her phone might have the card already. I wouldn’t know. Attach it to your PC with the USB cable as I described and see.

2) there might be a music app that came with the phone. Again, I have no way of knowing. Motorola used to include the Google Music app, but that was several years ago.

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I have a 3–4 year old Motorola Moto 4. It has a headphone, innie :-), jack that can be used for playing music, or recording, or even as an antenna for the built in FM radio app.
It automatic ally switches its function depending upon the need.
I’ll bet she has an app on her phone somewhere that wil do the job.

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Assuming there is an app; to move the music from my computer to her phone do I use a wire that plugs into my USB and then plugs into her headphone innie?

Also, she said she found some songs on youtube, but doesn’t know how to download them into her phone. Can that even be done? Is it legal? We don’t want to rely on wifi service to play a song.

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