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Fluther users: do you have a website/blog? What's the URL? What is your piece of the Internet about?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) September 15th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m interested to see what my fellow flutherers do outside this site.

Thanks for sharing.

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here is mine

I post photos and am working toward becoming a pro photographer. Process in work.

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I asked a mod and he said I could ask.

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Fair enough. I’ll flag myself. (I was able to delete it, I think.)

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I write about random stuff that inspires or annoys me. At least, I used to.

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Well… Most everything is kinda contained here but everything kinda gets linked in from other sources to it as well (twitter (although I opt out for it to be a post since that would blow up the page with loads of useless stuff), utterz, and soon 12seconds) so it’s kinda like a conglomerate. I haven’t been as active as I wanted to be as of late, but with my new moleskine I should have more stuff more frequently now.

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will, great shot of Cherry Creek! I’d say you’re well on your way to making a living at Photography.

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I know this has been asked before several times, but my blog is about growing up in SoCal in the ‘70s, random musings, and whatever.

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Poser, keep writing! That latest post touched me pretty deeply.

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I spend the majority of my time at xanga. My blog is where I express my deepest thoughts, weirdest fiction, wildest rants and silliest musings. If you join xanga, you can visit me there. Just look for Egregious_Deviant_Zebra. I’ve been a member of xanga for many years, and under several different names, since I just can’t be contained with just one moniker.

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I have my portfolio that sorely needs a new design (which is home to the unofficial and slightly vapid fluther stats app) and a little blog where I write about programming and art related stuff when the fancy strikes me (read: without regularity).

I am also secretly a huge fan of the art section but keep it quiet.

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I keep track of my 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days Project progress on a Blogger blog.

I do movie, book and TV reviews (and fanfiction, though it’s been ages since I’ve written any) on LiveJournal. I’m considering moving that content onto another Blogger one, though, because I also put a lot of personal stuff on that journal (including original fiction, all locked so only people on my friends list can see it).

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Hey thanks Paul, your secret’s out now though.

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I design and manage, which is a personalized homepage/ bookmark saving and sharing website. When you add a website as a bookmark, our server goes out and takes a screenshot of the site and then sticks it onto an icon so you can access it quickly later. It’s basically something to keep me and a mate from school busy!

We’re currently removing the dreaded blue background from the site and our new look (it looks sexy) goes live on Saturday which is fun.

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A Cup of MooKoo Joe

My blog. I write about whatever fancies me. Updates, Photos, and Music tastes are all at the bottom. I have a few consistent readers. Check it out and leave comments if you like. =)

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I run a golf products review blog called Golf Views . I work with a lot of the major golf companies reviewing their latest gear, by incorporating video reviews when applicable. This is something I’m passionate about and want to do full time.


klaas4's avatar but you wouldn’t read it a lot, as it’s Dutch.

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I’m working on something…

Username: saltbeta
Password: saltbeta

Have your browser save that so you don’t have to keep entering it, then go ahead, create an account and use the site as any other. Remember to tell me what you think. ;)

The next release is coming soon, and includes:

* Compare two people’s ratings, and see how compatible they are
* Compare the response to a particular film in one country to another
* Receive recommendations for new films based on what you’ve liked so far
* ‘Follow’ a discussion on a film, so that you get an email when there’s been new activity
* Wonderful t-shirts

…and more.

There are about 20 users on there that I’ve each privately invited so far. But I trust you guys! Remember that it’s far from finished right now.

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@richardhenry I signed up. Definitely looks like a cool idea. I’ll try to break it and let you know what I did!

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