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Ipod stuck in recovery?

Asked by zero13 (1points) September 15th, 2008

my sister tried to jailbreak her ipod touch and it wont boot up now. it says ipod stack cant start. need configuration. bd root
; minor 0 major 0 md 0…............can anyone help me with this?

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it’s over… You broke it up

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Use the following at your own risk:

First, disconnect the cable from the iPhone.

Next, hold down both home and lock button simultaneously for 10 seconds, until the white Apple logo turns off (blank screen); then release both buttons.

Next, hold down only the home button, and keep holding down while you plug in to your dock/USB cable; release when the pop-up comes on your computer screen to restore the iPhone. Click Restore to proceed.

Also, before performing any of this, make sure you have upgraded to the latest iTunes (version 8.0). Good luck.

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YOU FOOL! Don’t Jailbreak!

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