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It couldn’t be SkyNet, because that was ended in T2. I mean, come on, the thumbs up slide into the molten steel was the perfect ending.. all these sequels are unnecessary.

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@Schenectandy-SkyNet came online at the end of T3; the next Terminator actually shows the rise of the machines with SkyNet in full tilt.

side note: Christian Bale as John Connor is going to be awesome!

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@sndfreQ: I am abstaining from the rest of these sequels because as far as I’m concerned it was all wrapped up in a neat little package in the first sequel.

The only thing more amazing to me than the special effects they managed way back then was that they actually managed to make something awesome out of the horrible, horrible original.

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Jeff Hawkins “On Intelligence” posits that thinking machines may not actually care about taking over the world. He posits that we needlessly anthropomorphize them, and if we build thinking machines, we’ll build them without an equivalent of a “lizard-brain”, the part that want’s to take over anything.

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If you ask me, (which you did, suck it!) “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” is even better than the second film. PLUS: Summer Glau is in them (River Tam in Firefly)

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look at the siblings—how do you think Fluther new that Cylons = Aliens? is it just a blanket “sci-fi” category thing, or is it that google:cylons + google:alien is on average under a certain proximity? i guess the algorithm is proprietary, though. good piece of work, though.

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I think they are both in the cards. Skynet will manufacture cylons to destroy us.

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in the end the tripods will come and kill us all !!!

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Well best case scenario Wolfram Alpha will solve protein folding then turn into Skynet but won’t be able to do anything since it has no arms or legs.

Worst case is someone hooks it up to all our UAV’s like the Predator and Reaper. Then it goes crazy with our missiles.

Well looks like we’re safe for now.

And which Cylons do you mean?Tthe old ones or the new shiny ones?

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