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What airline do you prefer to fly with?

Asked by jca2 (16385points) February 3rd, 2022

I’m going to be booking flights in the next few days and the airport that I want to fly out of has a choice of JetBlue, United, Delta or American.

In the past, I’ve used JetBlue and it was fine.

What airline do you prefer, if any? Not necessarily of the choices above, but just in general, do you have an airline that you particularly like, or do you go by price alone?

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I generally fly United because they’re the one going non-stop to where I want to go. I do have a credit card and miles account with them but I can’t say I’m crazy about them; there often seem to be delays caused by very short turn around times. I’ve heard good things about Delta and would like to try them sometime but alas…..

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American (US Air) for the last 14 years.

But not American Eagle the commuter branch.

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I fly whichever has the best price.

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Domestic: United

Used to fly Southwest and JetBlue because they usually had cheaper flights.

Now I’d rather pay a bit extra for United for their covid protocols.

Splurge: JSX

International: Lufthansa

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I like Southwest, because you check two bags free, you can change for no change fee, and cancel and not lose your money. You can wind up separated from someone you are traveling with, because there are no seat assignments, but you can pay to be in group A if that really matters to you.

About 15 years ago I used to fly Spirit and I liked their newer planes (not all routes had new planes then) and the upgrade to first class was extremely reasonable! $50 or $75 and you were in a much larger seat up front and they gave you snacks. No idea how it is now.

Delta is good for a decent size cup of soda. Other airlines the glasses are smaller. The problem with Delta is if you have to connect through Atlanta. You’re in NY so probably you have a lot of nonstop choices, depending on where you are going. Are you flying out of Westchester?

I have never flown Jet Blue, but a lot of people like that airline.

American for domestic flights is nothing special, but nothing bad. Full of New Yorkers and Latin Americans. You are more likely to hear clapping after landing than on other airlines. LOL.

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Air France, KLM and (at least, 30 years ago) Virgin Atlantic.

I also remember SAS, and maybe to a lesser extent, British Airways, and Ethiopian Airlines being good.

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Whoever brings me to my destination for the lowest price.
Safety I don’t (have to) worry about, and quality I have no influence on (most things are quite okay, but space is an ongoing problem for me, even though I always buy myself an emergency exit seat; I’m just annoyed that they slowly slowly put more seats in the same space).

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I prefer not to fly; however when necessary, my closest airport was a hub for US Air (as of 2015 American Airline). They were the most convenient and had the best prices for my needs at the time. When visiting family, I usually opt to drive because it is more convenient and somewhat safer. Plus I have convenient transportation once I arrive

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I have been travelling from San Francisco to Santa Fe a lot lately. I tried Southwest a few times, like them because I can fly out of Oakalnd, but they only fly to Albequerque. I can fly direct into Santa Fe for a little bit more, but then I save on the ground transportation. And United flies into SAF.

Because SFO is a hub for UNited, I started using them 30 years ago with a United credit card and a lot of business travel. I have been a United Premier Silver since the 1900s. But work has a deal with Delta, and now I have to fly Delta if possible.

I was searching for flights in December and got a deal plus an upgrade for applying for an American Airlines credit card, so I did. I get preferenced boaidng and one bag checked free.

But I was discussing up coming trips last night (two, possibly three cross country), and have decided I wil focus on United, since that will help me renew my frequent flyer level.

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Not a huge choice here. I live near Atlanta, and Delta is – by far – the major carrier here. So if I want to go some place quickly, I have to fly Delta. Everything else is one or more stops along the way.

When I lived further north, I took Jet Blue a lot and I liked them. But – that was in 2004–5-6 and a lot may have changed.

I will go out of my way to avoid American airlines.

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