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Which high schools in san francisco put on good plays?

Asked by unacornea (314points) September 15th, 2008

i want to see some good high school theater – especially musicals. i love musical theater, and i know where i grew up there was some really good high school theater going on. i’m sure there’s something like that in san francsico, or the bay area

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I don’t know what their season looks like, but Tam High (Mt. Tamalpais HS) in Marin does great theatre, and I’m sure some musicals in there too.

The other folks to check out is Musical Theatreworks, they do middle and high school musical productions.

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James Logan High School puts on AWESOME plays and one-acts. They’re a 50 minute BART ride from SF but worth it. There is loads talent over at Logan – their forensics coach and classes were on Oprah.

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check out SOTA – School of the Arts. the school has changed significantly since i was there, but they are pretty sure to have very interesting stuff!

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Lincoln High School in San Jose is an arts magnet and has put on some terrific theatrical and musical productions in recent years.

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Apparently San Mateo HS is doing a production of RENT (School Edition)... =)

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