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To photographers who use photo restoration software, what is the best to use and one that isn't too expensive?

Asked by Inspired_2write (14486points) March 9th, 2022

I wish to to concentrate on finding a restoration software that encompasses more on repair, colorization of vintage images without the design features that make them look unathentic.
I prefer no artzy features unless I were making a poster etc

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Adobe Photoshop is the standard that other software is measured against.

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Photoshop has been subscription based for quite a while now.
The “photography” bundle with Photoshop and Lightroom is 10$ a month.

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@Tropical willie and @ragingloli
Online it states unless I am planning to do a lot of restorations and have lots of time to learn
( steep learning curve) not to get it.
The main problem is that online search listed several other software programs but they do not have AI and restoration, just editing or useless tool like changeing the sky colour and so on.
Other tools for designing Abstarct art and such, not interested in flasy tools.
Just wondering if anyone on Fluter had used a good software program that is cheaper and has multiple tools for serious retoration of vintage images etc

I looked a Remni software and tried there one time try and it restored black and white pictures very well but color restoration or converting blak and white into color is bad in
that it misses some parts in a photo especailly a person.

Colors everything then misses one hand ( left grey) things like tht I won’t pay for.
Just checking if anyone HAD already used one that worked well like they all portray?

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Inexpensive non-subscription Adobe Photoshop Elements is great. I have been using it for at least a decade. Looking online right now, they have a sale for $69 US. That is a perpetual license, not a subscription. The regular price of $99 is a bargain, too.

Elements is almost as powerful as the subscription version, at a much lower price. I tell people, “if you don’t know the difference between Elements and the pro subscription, you don’t need the pro subscription.”

GIMP is a free open-source alternative. It is comparable to the expensive pro version of Photoshop. What I read is the learning curve is high. But so is Photoshop’s!

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Oooo Gimp looks interesting.
Photoshop too but want to begin using it soon as I will be restoring vintage photographs so taking months or yers to master that software is intriquing but not pratcical for my needs.
Thanks will check waht toolds Gimp has.

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