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Does future work become easier when you study hard in school?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24051points) March 12th, 2022

Or are you expected to bust your ass always, at that level, until you retire? Or die?

Wouldn’t it be better to give a natural amount of effort from beginning to retirement? That way you can be sorted into the right job/career?

Or does hard work pay off?

For example I spend hours a day Fluthering for fun, and it doesn’t seem like work even though I put more effort per day than I would all week at school. I feel rewarded for my efforts. Answering my questions helps me so the relationship is symbiotic.

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I studied hard in school and got a BA in clinical science. Never had to bust my ass at work (medical research and clinical lads). I spent 38 years looking through microscopes, pushing analyzer buttons, mixing reagents and drawing blood specimens on patients and animals. The pay was always more than adequate including two pensions and 403b investment opportunities. In fact I felt that I was being paid more than I was worth. HA!

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I think when you study hard in school it helps lead you to a future career where you will find work easier and more enjoyable.
Another look; maybe you are on the wrong school path, since studying should not be drudgery.

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Once one gains some proficiency at their work, the tasks don’t feel that difficult or challenging. Work then moves to a higher level more involved in personal interactions. That is where it gets tricky.

Many skilled professionals such as medical doctors or rocket engineers are so interested in their jobs that the most difficult cases become like challenging puzzles to be solved with the most elegant solution.

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I didn’t do well in school, my career path went fine. Daughter does well in school, advanced honors courses with good GPA, looking to find career as historical analyst. I’m looking to retire in under two years now. All individuals are different, your results may vary.

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Well, when you do work hard in school, life becomes easier because after the completion of your course, you will have countless opportunities to see through. Not sure which kind of school you’re talking about but most do offers internship programme with good companies right after graduation, if you worked hard they even make you permanent employee.
Or you can leave the job and any company will happily invite you to work with them if you have good work experience.

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It much depends on what you study and the type of employment you accept. Think about that.

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Working hard in school opens up more employment options. That increases the odds that you will find work that you enjoy at a salary you are happy with.

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As the old sayings go, you get out of life what you put into it, and the journey is the destination. If spending hours on Fluther makes you happy then stay with it. Others have a passion for greater knowledge and are willing to put in the work for the pleasure derived from the pursuit.

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