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Can somebody with organic chemistry give his/her best analysis of some fictional compound found in "The X-Files"? (link of photo inside).

Asked by luigirovatti (2866points) March 15th, 2022

The photo is posted here:

One of the characters said it MIGHT be a synthetic protein. But this is a show, so the analysis was rather quick. What do YOU think?

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Try asking on, and let us know what they say.

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They say it’s a generic description of a tripeptide. Nothing more.

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Kind of like how almost every computer screen shown when someone is doing computer research or hacking on US TV is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT.

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All for fun though

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For fun?

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Makes the movie flow in the desired manner.

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It’s a tripeptide. That’s three amino acids attached together.

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@RocketGuy Oh, so they wanted us to laugh out loud and think about how preposterous and thoughtless the plot is when that happens?

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If I recall in the original Star Trek there was a brief shot of the Periodic Table of Elements on the wall somewhere. That flash made me think how clever they were by accepting that ther were undiscovered elements
I just did a quick seach and found this version of the chart. Star Trek Periodic Table . They had filled out the 7th row (orbital) and were working on the eighth. There were elements yet undiscovered even in the future.
I found that clever and inspiring.

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