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How exited are you about fallout 3?

Asked by iwamoto (5271points) September 16th, 2008

i’ve been following this little pearl for a while now, ever since playing the previous two parts, and i’m pretty glad i’ll be getting the limited edition (since it’s actually limited), so yeah, not counting down the days, but i already have the gut feeling, so what about you ?

want to know more about the game ? you should watch the gameplay vids on the site

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How is babby formed?

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I’m so exited that I left the building.

But seriously, I’m super stoked—as a huge fan of the original, I love the storytelling in the game—and the cheeky tone was a contributing factor in Fluther, as well.

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what is fall out?

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I’m so excited that I may take a couple days off work. I’ve already reserved the survival edition from amazon. I’m waiting to see that sweet pip boy alarm clock.

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hmm, funny, i post “wanna know more?” with a link, and still he asks..

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