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How do I restore my iPhone 3G to its factory setting before I have jailbroken it?

Asked by syl3ntstar (1points) September 16th, 2008

I was able to successfully jailbreak my iPhone using “quickpwn”... Then I decided to restore it back to its original factory setting (pre-jailbroken). Problem is, I didn’t read enough before I did a restore. From my iPhone, I just clicked on erase all content and restore to factory setting. My phone did the 2 hour thing, but now it’s just stuck on the silver apple and won’t go further. Is there a fix to this, or am I going to need to buy a new iPhone? Please tell me there’s a solution for this other than buying a new one…. HELP!!!

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Try to turn it off then hook it up to your computer open itunes an reset to factory settings.

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I have the same problem as syl3ntstar and I followed the solution indicated. Unfortunately, it did not help at help. Is there possibly another way to make my iPhone work. I’d appreciate a response.

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