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What are the lurve points for?

Asked by XrayGirl (529points) September 16th, 2008

besdies a scoring, can they benefit or influence one’s Fluther account?

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Only in an indirect way. One way to evaluate the quality of a person’s answers is to see what range their points are in.

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If you are not on an iPhone, check out the sibling questions——->.

Who gets points for Great Answer and why they do is complicated and unpredictable and worthy of a really good thesis.

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@marina – as in if a person has lower points you will feel someone with greater points has a better answer?

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@chyna: that is a good point/question. ...I must say, I see some answers that are TERRIBLE, RUDE, mean, ugly, stupid, off the point, etc.etc, and they have been given MANY great answer points…soooooooo, I might venture to say that a lot of points does NOT REALLY mean good answers at all., but answers that others like or agree with

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Marina; I don’t mean you, per se, I just mean in general..;)

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You both raise good points. Note that I said one way. It is definitely not infallible. Also, many new people quickly become great assets.

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Marina: true :)

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Lurve is there to make you smile when you see that someone thought you gave a great answer. Nothing more, nothing less.

edit:@gail: of course.
Lurve is there to make you smile when you see that someone thought you gave a great answer, and to let others know that you thought their answer was great. Nothing more, nothing less.

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@pete; is it better to give than to receive?

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Pete: thanks, makes sense…lurve to yu

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They’re beta-testing a program in Australia where you can redeem your Lurve points for a Fluther accessory kit. It has all kinds of cool stuff in it, like pop-up timers and extra heads.

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@xray, because you don’t agree does not mean responses are rude or ugly. If others are scoring as “great answers”, then somebody obviously agrees.

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What’s it for? Why, lurve makes the world go ‘round.

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Like John said, “lurve is the answer.”

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or, in Tina’s case: What’s lurve have to do with it?

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breedmitch- John said All you need is lurve.
Kind off.

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@AC: edit while you still have the chance. (Kind of)

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Too late. Oh well.

Kind of.

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Or how long of they’ve been a member.

Or how active they’ve been

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@PupnTaco, heyyyyy! :P

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@all; when I hit 5000, I received a cat. Was not that a Fluther reward? Oh, dear. I sent the thank-you note to the wrong address.

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I didn’t get my cat, or maybe our dog killed it.

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Uh oh, I better stop giving such tremendous answers, or I’ll get a cat!

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PnT: I have one you can rent; discounts for triends, of course.

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edit: friends

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But, what about us triends?

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Qwerfy discount to you, too, AC.

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(and besides, Milo typed that remark about renting himself out…)

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