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Have you thought about the many repercussions of the Ukrainian war?

Asked by HP (6420points) March 31st, 2022

For instance, that sanctions or not, Russia must remain Europe’s filling station. Or that Russia and Ukraine were
the world’s exporters of wheat and barley to critically dependent countries such as Egypt along with most of Europe. How about the fact that Russia’s enormous geographic footprint means sanctions have gifted Chinese airlines an insurmountable advantage when configuring travel routes between many of the world’s most heavily traveled destinations. How about the fact that Germany is once again on its way toward being the most powerful military machine on the continent, with the potential to knock the Chinese out of the number 2 position in the world? And the list grows as you think about it.

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Yes, I have thought about them.

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Not to mention the dead, the wounded, the traumatised and the homeless. I’ve thought about them, as have most of us in the west. The Russians don’t think about them as they don’t know what is going on and the one man with the power to stop it all seems detached from reality.

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Yes, this has been happening for awhile throughout our short history as a species.

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There are more. Keep going.

(Improved business for Chinese airlines, and modern Germany possibly developing more military power, are not on my lists of concerns, though.)

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What do you think, or mean with, the statement that Germany might get to be the most powerful military machine of Europe?
Don’t you think Germany will show restraint (and not get to that size)?
Don’t you think that if Germany doesn’t itself, that Europe won’t halt it?
Don’t you think that France is the most powerful, and will remain so?

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I think especially about the fact that Ukraine is being physically destroyed and no matter who wins in the end, much of the infrastructure is going to be in shambles and as one of the poorest countries in Europe, rebuilding is not going to be easy. I certainly hope that they receive adequate aid from the West. It won’t end with weapons.

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If Germany did come back, I doubt it would be as a threat like it was in WWII.

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Yes. There have been many articles about the repercussions in the NY Times, which I subscribe to, and elsewhere.

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