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Anyone else still get giddy when you see an iPhone advertise on TV?

Asked by alabare (282points) August 6th, 2007

I really feel like I should be "over" that feeling. But every damn time a commercial comes on for it, I feel like a proud father.

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Since November and with baited breath, I had waited for the iPhone to arrive and bought one on the release date. When the commercials first aired, I liked them, of course, and they were often a topic of conversation among friends and family. At some point though, I got tired of the music, which surprised me a little, because I'm one of those types that wants to bask in the Mac aura. What I have found most interesting, though, is how dusty my MacBook is getting. Obviously, the phone can't do everything, but for day to day and traveling, it's quickly become my sole electronic device.

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Heck, I can be sitting there on my MacBook doing my thing and still find it easier to check my email on my iphone at the same time.

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Does the iPhone commercial still makeme "giddy", bet! I love my iPhone!!

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I still stop and watch every iPhone commercial on my Tivo.

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absolutely, and i cant wait for some youtube mock ups!

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my friends always say “look ric theres your phone”. i also have a friend that calls it my iphone instead of just phone or cell phone.. nobody else we know has one. its fun.

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Indeed, I think it’s a clever advertising campaign. The song loyalty has made it so that the TV is, in a way, announcing each Apple commercial that airs, even if you’re not actively watching TV at the time. It’s also funny how many people have bought the same jingles on iTunes.

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I ♥♥♥ my iPhone!

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