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Did you know I was in the hospital?

Asked by tWrex (1655points) September 17th, 2008

Ok, so I was in the hospital last week for a few days with severe stomach pain. I bloated up, had a fever and severe pain where my appendix would be – had it taken out 2 years ago. They did all types of tests and found nothing. 2 blood workups and a blood culture. Here’s my thing. I was googling something totally unrelated and came upon this story which freaked me out, because I’m like, “I was exposed to loads of radiation when I was in the Marines. I was a satcom operator. Our dishes produce nothing, but radiation. So then after looking at this and this I’m now freaked. Would my blood tests have shown that I have this AML? I’m gonna call my doctor, but I’m freakin’ out here and needed an answer quick. Yeah. That’s right. I came to fluther for medical advice. Yes I’m an idiot. It’s ok though. So… Anyone?

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I’m sure they ran blood panels on you, right? They would have noticed a spike in your blood counts and taken the tests further. I’m not sure what tests they did, but I’m sure they ran blood work.

It was my blood work that indicated the initial problem, before I was diagnosed w/ cancer.

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First, you’re not an idiot for coming here. I don’t think you’re necessarily looking for real medical advice, more that you are freaked out and trying to find a way to release that. To that I would say, do what you said you’re going to and call your doctor. Then, take many many deep breaths between now and your appointment time. Do not be afraid to seek a second, third or fourth opinion. Last but not least, keep us updated and know that there are people out here who will listen and remind you to breathe.

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Thanks to the both of you. @cak they noticed an elevated spike in my white blood cells, but it went away. The thing that freaks me out is the wording on those sites. It would seem that that’s how this leukemia manifests itself. And I’m sorry to hear about your situation cak.

Right now I’m waiting for the nurse to call back. Hopefully I’ll get an answer.

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Good luck tWrex…keep us posted.

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@tWrex, I have leukemia, I understand that you are worried! You did the right thing, you called your doctor.

Best wishes and let us know! :)

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So the doctor didn’t get anything back from the hospital. They say it may be with another doctor. Now I’m getting frustrated too. Bastards. Keep on keepin’ on. Just like Joe Dirt.

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Shilolo’s super smart, he’d know. My understanding is ALL probablly would show up in regular blood tests, but AML can show up but also regular blood tests can be normal. If you’re really worried about AML, you’d need a bone marrow biopsy to test for it, and you’d need more than a couple days worth of symptoms before anybody did a bone marrow biopsy. If you have a primary doctor, talk the them. They’ll ask you questions about weight loss, appetite, hair loss, weakness. The thing about AML is you’re more likely to have symptoms develop over months, not days, but given your exposure risk, you should be diligent in asking your physician.

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To clarify, an elevated spike in white blood cell levels could be from colds, allergies, or even stress. leukemias have elevated spikes in certain subclasses of white blood cells, or premature or atypical cells entering the blood stream. Any of those popped up on your tests during an admission, they’d have an oncologist (cancer specialist) on you like gangbusters.

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You wouldn’t be, like, “what are my test results?” Instead, you’d be all “You’re gonna do WHAT with that huge needle? Are you at least gonna put me to sleep for it? Can I at least bite on a belt?”

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Sorry you were in the hospital! Bummer!!!

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I’ll send you some postive thoughts tWrex. Please keep us posted on what happens.

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Wow. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the support.

@drhat Thanks for your insights. I’ve been having these issues for quite some time now beginning about 3 years ago. They went away for a bit after having my appendix removed 2 years ago, but started up again about 2 months ago. As far as the needle goes… I’m deathly afraid of needles, but I’ve been in and out of hospitals for the last 8 years now and have been stuck with everything including the docs finger – damn herniated disc – so it is what it is. If it’s as big as the needle for my spinal injections then that def sucks.

Update: It would appear that no one has my bloodwork. The hospital does, but they haven’t released it to either of my doctors and no one knows why. So now I get to deal with the bureaucracy of the hospital system to find out what the hell is going on. I’m hoping it’s nothing, but on top of my job in the Marines, over the last 8 years I’ve been radiated by more x-rays, cat-scans and mri’s than I care to think of. Plus I’ve gotten the radioactive shot to check your gall bladder twice. Nasty stuff.

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Something that might put your mind a little more at ease is this. As a satcom operator you were dealing with electromagnetic radiation and not exposure to uranium. That’s an entirely different kind of radiation. It’s not your satcom work you need to worry about.

Yes, I’d still check with your doctor regarding the blood work. I hope things get better for you.

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@cyndyh Thanks for that insight. I was not aware of that! I mean I am aware that it’s not uranium, but that I don’t need to worry about that. That does help to quell my fears a wee bit more. Thank you so much.

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@ tWrex – never ever ever feel like an idiot for taking care of or concern for yourself.

You hang in there.

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No problem, tWrex. Let us know how you’re doing as you find out more.

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tWrex: as the patient (who pays the bills) you have rights. The Medical professionals and technicians work for you..Phone, or have someone do it for you and rattle some chains.. You are entitled to have results of even a splinter removal.

I do it all the time for my very old and seriously demented mother. I do keep my voice civil and my language measured, but there is an iron fist in the velvet glove. It works..

Still, I can understand why you are worried and concerned. Keep us informed. g

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If they keep having problems, visit the hospital’s medical records department (it may be called health information services, or sumsuch) during business hours, and request a copy of your chart. That may be the easiest way. If a patient asks me for test results, I usually photocopy it for them right there on the spot.

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@tWrex I have no advice to offer. I just want you to know I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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Oh snap! drhat is a Doctor! I never assume that peoples names infer anything about them. For instance, do you think I’m a creature from the cretaceous period? Of course not! But if you do, you’d be right. roar…

@drhat77 Thanks for the insider information though drhat. I really appreciate it.

@scamp Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I truly appreciate them.

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You’re very welcome t. We have at least 3 doctors here at fluther, so you should be able to get some pretty good advice.

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Hospital politics/procedures suck. I sincerely hope you find out and get better soon.
I would bother everyone until I got an answer. Unfortunately you have to be very proactive on your own behalf when your dealing with hospitals and doctors. It used to be, way back, people thought doctors/hospitals knew all the answers and they were never questioned.
It’s been proved no one knows it all (even Fluther mods!) and it’s up to everyone to advocate for themselves.
Please update us on your progress. My thoughts will be with you.

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Thanks @deaddolly. I appreciate it. The doctor has my bloodwork, but I’ve yet to be able to get a hold of him – although I’m thinking by the neck may be the best choice yet. So once I finally do get in touch I’ll keep everyone updated.

I actually just got done with another episode of the stomach issues today. They started sunday morning and were terrible all day and yesterday as well. I woke up feeling a bit better today, but it didn’t go away until about an hour ago. Thanks everyone for the kind words and thoughts! You all are absolutely wonderfully beautiful people.

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