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What are some of the dumbest, whacky, way out there conspiracy theories you have heard from anti-vaxxers?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (22899points) April 19th, 2022

Some of what I have come across.
It will make people around you sterile.
It makes you more prone to catching covid.
If you hold a magnet where you got the shot the magnet will stick.
What are the ones you have heard?

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Treating it with horse de-wormer.
It’s caused by 5G cell phone signals.
The experts are idiots, and people with TV shows on FOX know the truth.
This has been a tsunami of bullshit.

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The ultra-ignorant said the vaccine made children be born with all black eyes. Basically eluding that the vaccine turns your baby into a devil/demon.

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Vaccines are the Mark of the Beast. From an Uber driver.

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The one I’ve heard from multiple people is that it removes your faith in God. It attacks the God gene, I guess.

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The SARS-CoV-2 virus vaccine contains a nano-chips and or nano-bots.

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Yeah @gondwanalon I head the nano one as well, this lady was dead serious when she said that to me, I told her yeah thats what they want a middle aged over weight truck driver with bad knees I am a fucking prize, she walked off in a huff.

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Haha Squeeks!

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Yeah. That’s why there’s a shortage on microchips.

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That it supposedly causes autism and that essential oils are superior. Wow.. Anti-vaxxers are dumb!

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That you are being injected with a gps tracking device.

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@Forever_Free – esp. since we already used our own $ to buy cell phones that track our every move.

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Hold on – so, I think it’s important to separate ‘anti-vaxxer’ into three groups. The people in the groups often aren’t the same.

1) The people against all vaccines. This group was against vaccines before it was cool. They mostly got their ideas from a fraudulent study published by an English doctor in the Lancet. The claim was that vaccines contributed to autism.

This doctor later PLEAD GUILTY to fraud charges and admitted in court to having completely fabricated his data. He did so after years of everyone trying to reproduce even a SMIDGEN of his findings and failing to do so. He was conspiring with a trial attorney who wanted to sue Big Pharma and needed the study to support the lawsuit.

So this group is COMPLETELY wrong, but understand how reasonable this is. You’re a parent and your kid is diagnosed as autistic around the same age they received a ton of vaccines. This is simply because that’s the earliest our medical science can start to detect autism. It doesn’t mean there’s causality. But can you feel for those parents? Hell yeah, I feel for ‘em. They want someone to blame and this unethical doctor gave them an easy target.

2) The COVID vaccine extremists. We’ve all heard it. The vaccine will sterilize you, put tracking microchips in you, yada yada yada. These are ridiculous things no serious person could believe beside extreme wing-nuts.

3) The COVID vaccine hesitant. What needs to be separated from the above two groups though, is a group of people who, IMHO are still wrong, but aren’t UNREASONABLY wrong. People who are worried about the mRNA vaccines being new, poorly understood, and having been approved on an accelerated schedule, and now are being FORCED on people against their will by authoritarian minded folks who want to use it as part of the culture war.

The fact is that the vaccines DO have side effect risks. Miocarditis, blood clots, and many others. The risk levels are LOWER than the levels for covid itself, so I would argue that the vaccine is a net win for your health, but there ARE risks and a natural human bias is to favor doing nothing over something when the something imposes new risks…even if those risks are outweighed by the default. Psychological studies have shown this natural bias in people for a long time.

This third group is wrong (again, IMHO), but they should not be ridiculed. They are REASONABLY wrong.

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