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What do the anti-vaxxers want from the rest of us that have no problem with the vaccines?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (22613points) November 29th, 2021

This group has become violent with people that don’t see it their way, are they trying to force their anti-vax views on the rest of us?
In my opinion they should be exempt from any medical help if they do contract Covid, just go home and see if you live type thing.

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I hear one thing they are particularly concerned about is South Africans violating the border of Texas . . .

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They are trying to protect their god-given right to be asshats.

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They don’t like being accused of being dirty disease spreaders.

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In my experience, most of them have the greatest issue with being forced to get the vaccine. Obviously the crazier ones think people who’ve been vaccinated are dangerous and are being remotely controlled by CRT-loving Jewish space monsters or whatever, but most of the time it seems to be about the mandates and being forced to get vaccinated.

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They want us to think they are right and come over to their side. Mostly they just want to not be wrong and will go to deaths lengths to try to prove it.
This is how this mentality works.

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They are afraid of the Secret Jewish Space Lasers ! !

They might aim the lasers at anti-vaxxers.

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They just want something to complain about. If not the Covid vax, it would be that Trump had the election stolen from under him, or Hillary eating babies in a secret pizza place, or as someome above me has stated, Jews aiming lasers at California from a secret base on Neptune.

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How about equal rights?

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Kill all the people you want and claim equal rights !

Did you ever hear about Typhoid Mary ? She just wanted to work by cooking for people.

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My experience has been with people who feel being forced is a dealbreaker.
It’s interesting I have to protect my family from my fellow Americans though. I called one lady out t his weekend, and probably will again if my family is at risk.

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I am not in favor of denying medical care to antivaxxers. In fact, if there were no antivaxxers I’d be far less busy in the hospital as all our hospitalized covid patients are antivaxxers. But I am in favor of increased insurance rates for them.

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I like that idea @Caravanfan , anti-vax insurance rates 3 or 4 times higher than vaccinated people.

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@Caravanfan “I am not in favor of denying medical care to antivaxxers.”

What about deprioritizing them to the back of the line when there’s a shortage of resources and are forced to triage care? We do this with organ transplant waiting lists, right?

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I think for some of the people not taking the shot and wearing a mask below their nose or refusing the mask altogether is their signal to others like them that they are part of the group of people who love God and America as a nation blessed by God and are waiting for the second coming.

I really think it’s mostly the uber religious fanatics who are nuts on this. Not to be confused with people who don’t agree with masks or the vaccines, but will comply with a mask when asked and who don’t want to fight about vaccines even though they will debate the topic when it comes up.

Telling the extremists to wear a mask or get vaccinated is like telling a devout Muslim they have to be baptized Baptist and wear cross.

There are other people refusing the vaccine who are not religious fanatics. Some don’t like feeling ordered to do it. Some are health nuts and buy into they are healthy and not at risk and prefer to catch it and get natural immunity than risk the shot. Risk meaning they see it as a risk.

I think there should be exceptions to vaccine mandates, like if the person wants to pay for an antibody test and can prove immunity I’m fine with that. Maybe require a test every 6 months. Right now they are still calling one dose if J&J fully vaccinated, which is ridiculous, and I’ve said the J&J would likely be two doses since it was released into the market and numbers of efficacy were around 65%. How is that different than someone who has high antibodies from having had covid?

I think many more masks should be worn than what I see where I live. More masks would not only cut down covid transmission, but also flu, and the bacterial sinus infection that seems to be spreading around the country. One of our jellies even has it. I know three people now.

I do think in a triage situation if it’s truly equal urgent situations between two people, I favor the vaccinated person go first. Otherwise, I think we should stay with standard triage.

Also, I think some people making scenes are possibly being paid to do it.

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Stop talking about it. It’s a bore.

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@JLeslie Some people like almond butter instead of peanut butter ! But don’t eat nuts or legumes !

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@gorillapaws Fortunately, we have not had to make those kind of triage decisions yet. The problem is that patients will come in and be sort of sick, just requiring oxygen and supportive care. Then, after a few days, they crash and we have to intubate. At that point the die is cast and they have a 50/50 chance of living. Again, all are nonvaccinated patients.

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@Caravanfan You would think that alone would clue in these idiot anti-vaxxers, but no vaccines bad, pool cleaner or horse wormer good

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@Tropical_Willie Lol. I understand your point, but sometimes there is a logical reason for your example, which makes my point about exceptions to the rules.

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