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Was it weird that I laid with my dog after she died?

Asked by Cindy1302 (806points) April 27th, 2022

My dog passed away almost 3 years ago. She was having a surgery to have some mast cell tumors removed and during the surgery, her heart stopped, and they couldn’t bring her back. The first thing I did was drive to the vet after I got the call, and ask to see her. They brought me into a room and brought her in on a stretcher, and set her on the ground. I laid with her and cried for maybe 15 minutes and then let them take her back. Was that weird? 3 years later and I feel that was a little wierd but it’s what i wanted to do at the time. Maybe not so much weird, but over dramatic?

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I’m sorry your precious dog died. That’s very sad.

No, you’re actions were not weird. They were appropriate.

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A dog is a member of the family.
Don’t feel weird about it.

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Not weird at all.
Actually very normal and expected.

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Not at all. A big regret of mine to this day is I wasn’t there with my dog of 11 years when he passed away.

I was his only buddy since he was a pup. I know he wanted me to be there at that moment. Not having proper goodbyes with a dying loved one is just plain wrong.

I would have held him tight and get his hair soaked with tears.

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Not at all. Years later when I think of the moments I held my fur baby in my arms as he died my stomach still lurches. We each morn the way we feel. I too wanted to take a good look at my pup before he was taken away. I wanted to commit to memory every inch of him and remember how his fur felt. Try not to think of the bad things. Think of the joy your pup bought you and the joy you added to their life. Whoo, this is all I can still handle and its been over 8 years.

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Not weird at all. Very human. Very compassionate. I’m sorry you lost your friend.

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Not at all. Very sweet and loving. I’m so sorry you lost her.

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No. Not weird.

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If you’re weird, I’m weird! My dog died on the operating table too, and it was way worse than taking them in and saying goodbye. More shocking.

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Absolutely not. I did the same thing with two of my dogs that passed over the years. It is a way of each of you (you and dog) spending time together and helping in the grieving.
When my Akita was in decline, I started doing it about 3 months prior too him passing. I also did it at the Vet. A good Vet will actually suggest it and allow you that time. I layed with both dogs on the floor when they put each one to sleep.
It helps so much in the closure and grieving.

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I am sorry you had to go through that. Losing a pet is very tough. But what you did was totally fine. When your bond with your pet is strong, it is logical to feel and act this way. Our physical presence is our connection with our pet. And when they pass away, pet owners feel emotional. Just remember the good times with your pet and let that remind you of your relationship together.

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