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Which fiction/fantasy books take place in prehistory, and involve flying machines, Nephilim, Tower of Babel, and other Biblical events?

Asked by luigirovatti (2869points) May 2nd, 2022

A kind of utopia of a very advanced civilization. Oh, and the flood is welcome.

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The Bible, of course, which as all of those plot lines, and is the greatest fiction book ever written.

Although it would be a huge stretch to call the bible ‘utopian’

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1. The Books of Enoch ( The Angels,The Watchers,and The Nephilim)
Joseph B. Lumpkin (2011)

2. The Time Machine (travelling backwards and forward to the world of 802,701 A.D.)
H.G. Wells (view 2005 dvd movie version).

3.The Time Ships
Stephen Baxter ( this writer leads H.G. Wells story all the way to the end of Eternity) Printed:1995,2012,2000,

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Sounds like steam punk.

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The stories The Bible ripped off from earlier tales.

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@Zaku This is interesting. I just learned about Gilgamesh and how there is a tale very similar to Noahs Ark and how that story came first or at least around the same time. It depends on whose dating of the stories are correct.

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@Pandora There seems to be more borrowed material than original. Here are 20 examples.

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