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What would be your breaking point, to actively try and leave the country you live in?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (23232points) May 10th, 2022

What would it be?
To have democracy thrown away?
To have a Government so corrupt that it can’t be deflected?

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If my kids moved I’d move.

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1. People would move if immigration wasn’t so strict. And some have already hit a breaking point. This is called being trapped lol.

2. The other place you move to, is gonna have the same problems.

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If they start rounding up and arresting people for religious or political beliefs.

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I used to think it was if H W Bush got elected POTUS. Those were the days. I’ve made a few efforts. Sadly, it’s so hard to get permission to change countries, without scads of loot.

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@Zaku I thought about it when Nixon and then Reagan got elected. Things are much worse now but I know how hard it is to uproot oneself and move to another country.

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Nothing except war or natural catastrophe. Whatever mess it is, it’s ours to fix.

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Not having a future is enough for me.

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If it worse where I live and better elsewhere.
Cost of living ,food, shelter ,etc availability, ease of moving, and English speaking ,

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Exploring it currently due to the things going on in the US.

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If a huge meteor is heading this way. If Tucker Carlson is elected President.

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When Trump was elected, I felt I had left the country I lived in.

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I’ve been looking into it since the 1990s. It’s virtually impossible.

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