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Should OAN lose their broadcasting license?

Asked by Pandora (30744points) 1 week ago

In a lawsuit against OAN they had to admit they lied about two Fulton county workers when they said that there was voter fraud and that the two people made fake ballots.

But in the meantime, they still go on about voting machine fraud.
I feel this should merit them losing their broadcasting license. They probably had to pay through the nose to make good but if you say someone is innocent of fraud and then continue with the behavior then how is this not still doing the same thing.
I lied, so, I will still keep lying. Lesson learned.

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Yes. They’ve been blatantly running ridiculous disinformation that should’ve lost them their license years ago.

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I know nothing about a magazine or channel called OAN. Perhaps it is not American.

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@SnipSnip Oh, it’s American, all right. At least, technically.

The One America News Network (OANN) or One America News (OAN) for short. As in, they represent the idea there’s only one America, while pretending (enough for a MAGA audience) to be a news agency.

It’s a crazy right-wing pro-Trump propaganda organ that suddenly got invited to Trump White House press briefings apparently so they could pitch easy questions to Trump.

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90% of their content is supporting Trump Lies ! !

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According this quote from the
FCC Website, I don’t think it really matters. In this era of cable and streaming, a broadcasting license really doesn’t mean much, unless it’s for an actual broadcasting station.

We do not license TV or radio networks (such as CBS, NBC, ABC or Fox) or other organizations that stations have relationships with, such as PBS or NPR, except if those entities are also station licensees.

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@Strauss That’s sad. They should at least have to take off the label of News or post a disclaimer saying a lot of their stories are fictional. Its should be a banner that runs over the top of their news. Same for Fox.

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In the new norm, lying is part of Freedom of Speech.

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The idea of voting machine fraud is nothing new. HBO ran a documentary about 15 years ago called, Hacking Democracy, and a Princeton professor proved many times that voting machines can be easily hacked.
Why shouldn’t news organizations cover that? Just because you don’t believe it’s happening or possible?

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If they should, then so should MSNBC and CNN and WaPo and the NYT and many others. They have all lied spectacularly over the years, damaging people’s reputations, pushing complete lies over and over…knowingly. Are you ready to say that if a “news” agency lies they should lose their credentials?

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. . . lies like Trump lost ?

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@Tropical_Willie No, lies like Nicholas Sandmann and his friends were taunting a native american and were calling him racist things. Things like that Trump colluded with Russia to beat Hillary. Things like Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Russian disinformation. There are many others, but you get the idea.

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Like things that are make believe !

I understand !

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Are you really saying none of those things happened?

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@Forever_Free …lying is part of Freedom of Speech.

According to former Trump press secretary Kelly Ann Conway, it’s referred to as alternative facts

I guess truth has transitioned from objective to subjective.

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@Strauss it certainly has. Like the things I said earlier. Those were “alternative facts” put out by the left. Think they were any more accurate than anything you believe Trump or his team said? What about the Charlottesville Lie? How about the claim that Donald Trump asked Zelenskyy 8 times in a phone call to dig up dirt on Joe Biden? After all, that was the basis of the Democrats impeachment of Trump so it MUST be true, right? Or is it only subjectively true?

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@Strauss Liars and psychopaths come up with justification for all their actions and words.

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