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Have you ever bought an appliance and found out that the refills are sold out or discontinued?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20367points) 1 week ago

From printer ink, to filters for water and air purifiers? Or food vaccum savers?

For printers I find that It is cheaper to buy a whole new one for $70 than to hunt for $65 ink cartridge refills. Besides my printers break after 6 months anyway.

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Where do you get ink refills that are $65?! My Canons are around $30–35.

Printers that last only 6 months? You must be getting high-end ink for low-end printers.

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@smudges Staples in Canada. ~ $32.50 about for each color and black.

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yes my electric toothbrush .
My electric pedi .

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My leaf blower has a pouch on it where I can use it as a leaf mulched. The bag tore up with in 3 years and they do not make replacement bags. Now I can only use it as a blower.

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