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Am I only one who stresses that much?

Asked by Koxufoxu (222points) 1 month ago

I am always worried about future. Literally about any part of it. From what will be my work situation in future, to stuff like relationships and living space. For me every new day is like entering a room full of darkness. It makes a lot of my nights sleepless. Am I only one who worries that much about future?

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I think as one matures, we worry less. Right now in your youth, you have many unanswered questions. When you start a job that seems like it will last a long time, many of the questions go away.

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That was exactly what I was going to say! As you age, things that used to worry you aren’t a big deal anymore.

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Learn to live iin and appreciate the present, but plan for your future.

At this time with chaos all over the place and worries of War, pandemics and so on , remember that you are Ok and safe in the present and enjoy that feeling too.

Other than the last few years that were in a uproar keep an eye for new Careers coming out of it think technology, Electric cars, new discoveries in health and a whole lot of good things too.
We all react differently to stress some more so than others.

I suggest joining a yoga,meditation group with simular sentitve people who have mastered better ways to see and react to the world around us.

Best of wishes offerred to find Peace and understanding in a chaotic world at this time.

We will get throught this and so will you.

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I am anxious a lot too; particularly at night. Since I am older, I’m not that anxious about the state of my life but I do worry about climate change, racism and war.

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I don’t think you are the only one. I however do not worry or carry anxiety. I do what is in my control. If it is out of my control, there is nothing I can do. I thereby remove it from my worries and circle of control items.

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You are certainly not the only one. Much of the suffering caused to modern humans is from our own mind. Regretting the past. Worrying about the future. Not that there aren’t real things to worry about in the world, but if you focus on the right now (in the moment), you’ll be better off.

If you have a safe place to live, food to eat, and a way to make money, you’re okay.

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I do, or anyway I did when I was working.
Once I retired, got rid of all my bills, and saw my kids marry, I had much less to really worry about.
Currently I am starting to stress out over another cruise trip we have scheduled. The last one didn’t end well, and I have a bit of PTSD from it.

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I’m not sure if I stress less as I got older. Though the things I stressed/stress about has definitely shifted.

Sometimes I convince myself that stress is productive. Especially since I struggle with execution dysfunction and I often need to meet a critical threshold to overcome my inertia. But stress and cortisol really do a number on your body. :/

A therapist or, at the very least, an outlet for your anxiety would probably be helpful.

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You certainly aren’t the only one afflicted with anxieties. Though you might be the only one lacking access to decent dope.

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