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What is the best way to get rid of anxiety?

Asked by spykenij (1831points) October 15th, 2011

Please be specific. What works the best or the longest for you? I’m tired of this white-hot lightening bolt shooting all throughout my body :P

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It depends on what makes you anxious…but for the most part, deep breathing exercise helps me to calm down

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Eat healthy, get enough exercise and enough sleep.

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A good bath/shower followed by an excellent meal and then a body massage with emphasis on my feet. A little nap will set in, maybe 20 minutes to an hour but when I awake, I’m usually in the mood for great sex and then better to return to any mundane errands or tasks.

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Calming herbs help. Try some Calms Forte.

Or if you are not opposed to medication, try an SSRI (see your doctor).

Chamomile tea can help some. Exercise helps some. Yoga helps some.

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You really should be asking your doctor about this. Four sentences on the internet is not going to get you help.

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Depends what is causing it.

If you are anxious because you are avoiding someone or something, very common, then you need to resolve that issue. Reframe it in your mind, or mend defences, or let go of your hate and anger. Whichever applies. The avoidance may be what you do to avoid feeling anxious because that person or thing makes you anxious, but in the end the avoidance actually creates more anxiety and becomes more chronic usually.

If your anxiety is in short lived spurts from specific situations popping up here and there, I agree with what some peope already suggested, deep breathing exercises, or some sort of ritual that allows you to refocus/destract your thoughts, or that is very physically relaxing.

If it is very very out of control medication can help, bensos are the most magical, like Xanax. But, these drugs are very addictive and should only be taken as a short term remember for accute problems.

Have you seen a therapist? Maybe talking things through will help you get what is bothering you out of your mind and into the air.

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Apparently, if you find and press a muscle nerve somewhere at the top of your left forearm, near the inner pit of your elbow, you can relieve considerable tension…while balancing a pencil on the tip of your nose.

Okay, that last part was jest for effect. Yep.

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Dance to a silly song.

my favorite


The best way to get rid of anxiety is don’t fight it. When you feel it come on, don’t try to repress it. If you do, it only gets worse. Breathe deeply, and let the anxiety pass through you. Accept it.

Read Dr. Claire Weekes “Hope and Help For Your Nerves.” It’s a great book for sufferers of anxiety and people with obsessive-compulsive disorder.
You can get the book at the library.

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Breakup anxiety, chronic and used to be treated by Xanax for over 12 yrs… I think I have a problem with my adrenal glands. At ALL times, I feel like there is white-hot lightening shooting through my body and it is near incapacitating when stuff happens like this breakup.

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The white lightning bolt is a very accurate way to describe it. I usually just try to find a distraction from whatever’s bothering me. I will read a book, watch a movie, or even do household chores. Also, a piping hot cup of green tea is very calming.

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Yeah, I’ve been trying to distract myself as much as possible, but that feeling just doesn’t go away. Everyone that said breathing…how? I have tried deep breaths, long exhales, just focusing on breathing… I don’t know what I’m doing. Can someone tell me how to do a real breathing exercise?

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Here is one link, there are several, on deep breathing.

The basic deal is when people are calm their breathing is slow, and when we are anxious our breathing is fast and not deep. It has been found that not only does being calm cause slower deeper breaths, but slower deeper breaths can cause calm. It’s like it sends a message to the brain no, stop, I am not in a scary situation, and the brain listens, slowing the release of the chemicals that make us feel anxious, slowing our pulse, lowering our blood pressure, etc. also focusing on the breathing distracts your mind.

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Confront the anxiety.
Find out when, where etc it comes on.
Once you understand the ‘why” you can determine the correct course of action for you.

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