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Do you think U.S. Congress' hearing on UFOs held tomorrow could convince mass media of the reality of the UFO phenomenon?

Asked by luigirovatti (2592points) 1 month ago

For one of the article talking about it, here:

Some hearings are private, but this one will be public. Only two people will testify, but if they answer in the affirmative, the UFO phenomenon will be made official for the first time ever in US history.

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The reality is that unidentified objects fly.

There is no evidence that aliens visit Earth.

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UFOs are 100% real. Anything flying that isn’t identified is a UFO, that doesn’t mean it originated from somewhere other than Earth. I imagine there’s plenty of classified experimental aircraft, drones, balloons and other stuff that goes up in the air, both foreign and domestic. I can’t rule out that we’re being visited, but I think it’s unlikely. Either we would KNOW (as in “We’re here!”) or we wouldn’t. The idea that they’re visiting and trying to be sneaky about it, but not doing a very good job of it seems very implausible to me.

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Reality of the phenomenon, but not of the reality of actual flying objects, such as alien machines..

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Unless they come right out and say “Yep, it is definitely aliens. Look, we have a crashed spaceship and some dead aliens right here!”, and not “There is something there, but we have no idea what it is.”, then no.

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US Congress hearings don’t try to convince anyone; they exist to present evidence and make things transparent. In the same way the mass media don’t exist to be convinced or otherwise, their job is simply to report what is happening and to provide context. These are the institutions of democracy, it is the responsibility of each private citizen, that is each of us, to use them wisely and so reach an informed conclusion.

It will be interesting to hear what is said, but I don’t expect anything earth shattering enough to change most peoples’ opinions.

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Sounds like a waste of time. They have more important issues to contend with e.g gun control and abortion.

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Most of the UFO sightings in the late 70’s and 80’s were F117A test flights (or the various prototypes). The airforce actively encouraged the discussion to hide what they were doing. There’s no guarantee that they aren’t doing the same now

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It has been over three decades, and I still haven’t told what I know about some Naval UFO stuff.
I can say they find alien stories a good cover for…
planned activities.

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