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Do you think there's any credibility to the Kona Blue report published by AARO?

Asked by luigirovatti (2837points) 3 weeks ago

According to this new report, US once considered a program to reverse-engineer UFOs, but it was denied. Here’s the link to it:

Just read it and tell me what you think.

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I didn’t read all 56 slides, but got the gist off the first 20 or so. I’d say they were looking at several things: what the source of the technology being used was, how it was designed, what it’s capabilities were, and what impact could be generated on our technology and people in this country. My guess? To see if they could create weaponry to use against other nations.

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@seawulf575: Consciousness-piloted vehicles. It’s an important point.

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Well, in 2010 at least, it was serious enough to convene several meetings, studies, and aware a bunch of contracts to a contractor to study this in detail. So from that standpoint, there is credibility to the bureaucratic seriousness that this was given.

Since it didn’t go anywhere (at least under this name), I would say that either (a) some people didn’t think it was important, or (b) the investigation and project didn’t succeed.

So – people took it seriously, which means it is credible. But it died.

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@elbanditoroso: While we’re on the subject, look up Project Stargate, it’s real:

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@luigirovatti The Men Who Stare At Goats is a great telling of their story!

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I highly recommend the Joe Rogan interview with Bob Lazar.
It’s like 3 hrs long, but they go into pretty much everything that guy has to say. He mentioned all kinds of stuff.

I do consider myself an expert on reading people (in person.)
I would say that the people usually talking about all this stuff, at least seem to believe it themselves.
Not that I haven’t seen people who I believe are lying.
And I could still be fooled.

At this point, I think you take the information as must speculative. As despite some typically controversial images, we have no physical evidence (that the public is aware of.)

My understanding of the situation is, in 2014 or so, the US started using state of the art radar, and tracking for it’s vessels, and aircraft.
THEN, the military started “seeing” “them” often.
It’s intriguing.
Is it authentic?
I guess it’s more fun, to give it plausibility.

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