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What is a good name for a bakery, wine bar bistro?

Asked by darrylbey (13points) 2 months ago

My wife who is a baker and I a wine enthusiast and jazz impresario, are opening a spot in Florida on the east coast. We are trying to come up with a name for our business that is simple, and rememberable that depicts what we will be selling. Please send us some ideas. Thanks!

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Half baked

Well, maybe not.

Too bad it’s not a place for consuming weed. You could call it Twice Baked.

Chez Darryl.
Bites and Vines
Our Place
Home Vine

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Cakes and Ale?

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Sunshine Wine and Bakery

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Bluebird Bistro. I looked.

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Our bakery, wine bar bistro.

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How about BREAD and WINE.

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Cakes, Wine and Song.

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Baker like French bread? Or, baker like cakes and other pastries? I’m assuming bread, but want to be sure.

Wine Time

Gold Coast Wine and Bread (if you will be on the Gold Coast, if not then Space Coast, First Coast, or Treasure Coast, you didn’t say which city).

Wine Bar

Add your wife and your initials like JD Wine Bar.

Are you going to serve cheese and fruit too? Appetizers?
@Hawaii_Jake I love the Half Baked. Lol.

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The Bread and Brew.

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Random thoughts:
The Body and the Blood. Get it? Bread-wine, sacrament.
Loafing Around.
Cakes and Drankx.
Vino Forno.
The Jazzy Bakery.

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Your name or just surname, then Bakery – Wine – Bistro

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assuming your last name is “Bey” Bey’s by the Bay
Bey’s on the Water
Wine Bread & Song

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Twice Baked Bar and Bakery

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Port and Pastries.

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I really like @gorillapaws answer. I could easily see such a place called Yeast Bistro.

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@Hawaii_Jake I thought about something with yeast in the name but for this woman at least, it conjures up connections with unpleasant infections!

Taking off on that idea though, how about “Rise and Wine”?

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@janbb Oh! Thank you for pointing that out. I’d forgotten that.

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Wine, Wheat and All That Jazz.

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@SnipSnip I like that!

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Another idea: Grape and The Grain, which actually already exists in Orlando, but if they don’t own the rights to the name in the state or country you could use it. You have to do that type of name search for any name you consider. Or, Grain and Grape I don’t think I’ve seen before. Grape and Grain is a national company I think, a totally separate entity.

Grain I think of bread not pastries.

Lenny’s Lounge
WG Lounge
Wine Vault
Vino Vault
Wine Stop
Wine Loft

I also like Port and Pastries that was mentioned above. IF we are talking pastries.

Are you going to sell wine accessories at all?

How do you picture the decor?

Will you have indoor and outdoor seating?

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Pastries Wine & Wanderlust

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The Wrath of Grapes.

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I think, since you have several offerings you need a more general name. Build that brand and people will know what it means.

Make it related to the architecture, neighborhood or landscape, I don’t know what your place looks like or where you are but something like The Blue Barn, or The Bridge.

Or just do another cheesy mashup like Doughnotes…

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I wish the OP would come back with some reactions. We’ve thrown out a lot of suggestions already.

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^^ Agreed. Either appreciation or disappointment, one way or the other, would be nice.

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