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Is it bad to obsess over things like TV shows or video games?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12539points) 1 month ago

Like I am halfway done with the first season of a show so I spend $100 on the book series and a necklace because that show consumes my life until I am finished.

I don’t wear jewelery nor do I read anymore.

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Many of your posts make me consider the possibility that you might be on the spectrum.

If that were the case, special interests are a common aspect of autism.

So I’m reframing your question as: is it bad to have a different neurotype where special interests are quite common?

My answer would be no.

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I have done it with an anime. I was two episodes in so I bought the manga but turns out I don’t like it.

And with crochet. I spent $100+ on supplies so I could learn because I had a bit of an interest. I don’t like it.

I’ve done it since I was little. With actresses and fictional characters. I loved Peter pan so I saw all kinds of versions including a musical, and then I was obsessed with the actress.

I was so obsessed with a singer I used to be able to list all his albums in order and I knew which song was on which album. I also did a presentation on him in grade school and had a desk next to me with a piece of paper that said the seat was “reserved” for him even though he was dead.

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It isn’t bad and it is a lot better than taking an interest in nothing at all. Spending $100 on a book series is a bit extreme. I would order the first book in the series to see if I like it before ordering the rest. I often use Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature to decide on a book before I buy it. That costs nothing at all. Almost everyone obsesses over TV shows and video games to some extent.

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I haven’t read anything in the description that would rise to a level of obsession that sounds particularly concerning. I think it’s healthy to try new hobbies and interests, and all of these sound perfectly reasonable to me. As @flutherother points out, you could be a little more judicial with your initial investment to see if the interest sticks before diving deeper (and spending lots of money). I know you’re working through some emotional stuff and are healing. These kinds of activities seem good. Just be sure you get out of the house and socialize with other people too.

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It’s not bad if you enjoy it and it doesn’t materially impact you in a negative way.

One thing that can happen though is you may encounter people who do not do anything like that, who may not get it and try to tell you it’s abnormal or something.

You used the word “obsess”, though, which implies to me that you think it’s unhealthy.

I think each person should pay regular attention to their own feelings about what they themselves want to do with their time, attention, and resources (and how much).

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It’s also with topics I am told about:

I found out about littermate syndrome so I ask questions everywhere and read articles and harass my parents about it because we have 3 sibling puppies. I want to call the vet but I know they will yell at me. I lose sleep if I think of a question, because I have to know the answer before I can sleep

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So I guess when I say I obsess I say it because I get uneasy if I don’t have things related to interest which I would assume is bad?

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Sounds like it could be hyperfixation.

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Bad? It’s a symptom of staring at a screen way too much.

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No it is not bad that we succumb to TV ads and merchandise and shows.
The Outlander series (book by Diana Gabaldon) is an example of Fans who purchased Jewelry, books, wines, tartans etc.
It’s a following of Fans that all enjoyed the books and the TV version..Millions of Fans!
Book ten coming out soon.
The books started in 1997 and are still going strong.
Very good story line plus History included in storyform.
I found it entertaining and enjoyable.
I purchased a charm bracelet a few years ago with the miniature book covers.
It’s a Fad with the very First Book fetching $400 as a collector item.

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I have similar problems. I get fixated on something and if it’s a question, I feel like I have to know the answer. If it’s a hobby – well, let’s just say I’m working on saying ‘no’ to myself. I’ve been known to spend a couple hundred on a new hobby only to lose interest and give the stuff away. I bought the whole Harry Potter series of books and movies. Years later I gave away the books to a 12 y.o. – without re-reading them – and the movies will probably go as I go through my stuff.

In my case, it’s due to some OCD tendencies, ADD and also being Bipolar II. There are a lot of cross-over symptoms from certain illnesses to others. I only think it’s ‘bad’ if it clearly affects my life, like if I couldn’t pay some bills because I used the money for a hobby or something unnecessary. It’s not based on morals, it’s based on good decision-making.

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