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Does anyone else do this (details inside).

Asked by SergeantQueen (12539points) 1 month ago

I have conversations with people I know aren’t there. I don’t see people, but sometimes I am embarrassed to do certain things because this presence is with me.

I have conversations out loud, my family have caught me a lot talking “to myself”. But I always imagine someone I know personally is there.

They are just random conversations because I’m bored and lonely.

I’ll rant to them and answer made up responses.

Even at work, I’m mentally always “training” somebody. And sometimes my coworkers ask if I’m talking to myself and I always make a big joke of it but sometimes I don’t realize I am making facial expressions or moving my mouth (with no sound).

I have been doing this as long as I can remember and I remember my parents yelling at me when I was young and they were trying to sleep but I was talking.

I get paranoid doing things sometimes that could be perceived as embarrassing (like blowing my nose) even though I am all alone.

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I talk to my deceased husband all the time. But I don’t know that that is the same thing.

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Actually yes, I do do that. I didn’t know others are the same way.

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The only time I speak out loud with no one there is when I practice a speech or maybe an upcoming conversation that I know will carry a lot of stress or be very critical. All these things are very rare, I don’t speak out loud with no one present with any sort of regularity.

If you’re lonely a lot, that’s actually something to take seriously; being lonely is very difficult, and is a big source of depression for a lot of people.

Do you have time to do some fun activities outside of work with people? Maybe take an art class or exercise class where you can also make some new friendships? I meet a lot of people through Zumba, and while doing zumba I get some exercise and I enjoy the music. Sometimes afterwards I go to lunch with friends that I’ve made there.

You might try some therapy also. Might help evaluate your feelings and behaviors, and actions you can take to resolve some difficulties you might be having.

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No I don’t. It certainly sounds uncomfortable if you feel watched or distracted by a prescence though.

Talking out loud may just be a quirk but it could also be a sign of something more serious. Maybe research that.

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Many people do some form of that, either out loud or in their minds. It’s very natural and you’ll see it in children very often. Adult modern Western materialist culture is sometimes bothered by it, and tends to train it out of people at a young age, as if it’s ridiculous, but it’s quite natural.

Some cultures and even some adults in modern Western culture do it in spiritual contexts, such as animism, or talking to spirits.

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I don’t talk out loud when I’m alone. The only time I may say something out loud when I’m alone is if something is disastrous in the house, like if I spill a cup of coffee, I’ll say out loud “fuck.”

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You are right about being bored and lonely. Try to be more social. Then your time alone may be more enjoyable. Balance is the ticket.

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I’m sorry @SergeantQueen. Not that you do this – I don’t see anything wrong with talking out loud to oneself – but that you’re lonely and uncomfortable being alone. You’ve gotten some good answers here, especially from @JLeslie and @erebus9.

I do it also, and when you mentioned talking as if you were training someone, I realized that I sometimes go through directions out loud, like: ok, hook the white piece onto the metal…wait, no, that doesn’t work. ok try it this way knucklehead. There! Got it!

and does your tongue stick out when you’re really concentrating on doing something? Mine does LOL

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