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What non-human animals can be found in your residence?

Asked by Brian1946 (29316points) 1 month ago

Other vertebrate or invertebrate lifeforms?

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Dog, cat and various and sundry bugs.

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On my back patio I have anoles. I’ve tried to keep them out, but they keep getting in somehow.

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Cats, a cockatiel and a turtle.

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That I know of for sure, a dog and a groundhog under my deck. Otherwise, see @Jeruba’s list.

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Just two good old dogs. Although my old gal let a garter snake come in the house with her the other day. He was happy to go right back out though.

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Protozoans, tapeworms, Mites, Fleas, spiders, ants, termites, mice, rats and cats.

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One dog and several mice. The dog s a belovd pet and part of the family. The mice are squatting and are difficult to evict.

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My feline roommate Katrina, spiders, and vinegar flies.
I regard the spiders as beneficial little predators, but they’re snacks to Katrina.

Once in awhile a mosquito, crane fly, or an earwig will get in.
I’ll do whatever I can do expeditiously end the skeeter’s residence, but the wigs and the cranes usually leave of their own accord, after about a day.

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Today, specifically, and annually, ants.

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3 dogs, 2 cats, 3 praying mantis, 1 bearded dragon, 2 tarantula, 2 hamsters, 1 marine tank with various fish, coral, sea anemone, shrimps crabs etc (and a metric ton of water)

I need help…

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No, you just need to charge admisson @Lightlyseared!

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Spiders and annoying little black flies. It seems there is only one but if I dispose of it another appears almost at once.

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In my residence? Two dogs and an unseen assortment of spiders and such.

Around my residence? A family of bunnies live under my shed. FS the squirrel lives in a nearby tree and loves my trash. There’s a black and white neighborhood car who strolls by occasionally. And, we have four or five neighbor dogs surrounding us on three sides. Plus, ya know, birds.

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In my neighborhood there is a group if raccoons, a nesting pair of peregrine falcons, rabbits, and occasionally a skunk. I’ve also seen whitetail deer, fox, coyote-dogs. These don’t live in my residence, but my yard (and my neighbors’) seem to be in their residence.

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In my neighborhood I have a pair of woodpeckers and a blue , and some cat thar makes Cato lose his mind!

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Frog (in the pond), koi (in the pond), toad, skink, ants, wasps on occasion, mice for a very brief occasion.

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Before I was forced to move, I was living in a house with a persistent stream of mouse habitation. I had great success with a certain style of live traps, but setting them loose was an issue. If I tossed them off the porch, they would be right back in. I was not physically able to get out very often. I bought a hamster cage. They learned the wheel within minutes, but they kept dislodging the water bottle. I got rid of it.
Thereafter, if they wanted food or water, one of them had to stick it’s nose out of the bars and let me boop it. They learned that fast. The littlest ones liked to play a game of “psych”. They would stick out a nose, but just before I touched it they would leap the full distance across the cage into the wheel.
I recorded the boop once, to prove it actually happened.

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I chased a yellow jacket out of my kitchen today.

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I forgot to add my yard buddies. Many squirrels and birds, the most prevalent are crows and blue jays and cardinals, and the absolute masters, the soft pinkish-gray doves, whom I have seen intimidate the squirrels and the crows both by aggressively charging them and squawking. I had no idea that doves could be so fierce. They seem so soft and sweet, cooing and stuff until someone tries to get next to them on my deck rail.

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I have a small spider trapped in my bathtub. Trying to rescue him. It’s hard because he won’t follow directions!!!

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“I chased a yellow jacket out of my kitchen today.”

I can relate to that- construction workers can be so intrusive! ;-o

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”...pinkish-gray doves, whom I have seen intimidate the squirrels and the crows both by aggressively charging them and squawking.”

As much as I love crows and squirrels, I would find that to be very entertaining.
In that regard, one of my favorite videos featured a domesticated cat, intimidating and eventually driving an ALLIGATOR back into the water.

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I’ve seen that video. There are some exciting ones with cats chasing/killing snakes. Some people train their cats to keep cobras away. I also saw a video… wait, telling takes away some of the thrill.

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”...spider and vinegar flies.”

I remember you telling me about an octopedal fly that drank all of your salad dressing! ;(0

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My partner and I now have honeybees. Their hives are in the back garden, but occasionally one comes inside.

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It’s great to know that you’re caring for one of our most valuable species.

Do the ones that go inside eventually find their own way out?

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@Brian1946 Unfortunatly, not on their own. We normally do a thorough check of our bee suits and brush off the bees that are clinging to it before entering the garage or conservatory. There is the occasional occurrence when one slips in. In those cases, we have a small bee-catcher contraption that we manually use to trap it and take it back outside.

If it alludes our attempts, it’s not too much of a concern. A honeybee’s life is short…days to a few months. Only the hive’s queen can last up to two years or a bit more. (She only leaves the hive once for her virgin flight in which she mates with a male. She then returns to the hive and spends the rest of her life producing eggs.)

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Oh yes, the pollinators! A neighbor on the next block is a beekeeper, and we often see them in our yard and garden. We have a healthy swarm of dragonflies that returns every year, along with various migratory species coming through.

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^^^ Are you sure it’s not Jeff Goldblum?

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It could be.

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Check its private parts!

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