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What are the health risks of listening to chill?

Asked by kevbo (25634points) September 17th, 2008

A bunch of half-asleep, sexy women have been whispering dreamy soft sweet nothings in my ear for hours!

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Well, it’s not good for your health during a road trip! Only listen to that stuff when you’re not operating heavy machinery.

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Objects may appear more edible than they actually are.

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Inflated ego?

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K, now I feel really old and out of it….what the hell is chill?

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@dd, if you have iTunes, go to your radio option and select a chill station. I was listening to Maybe you could call it mellow lounge music.

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not much as a health risk, but you might have the idea of leaving everyting behind for a pristine beach and lots of martinis…

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Mellow lounge music? Ick. Not for me. I’m sure THAT would can brain leakage….lol

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