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What should I do ?

Asked by randellden (3points) September 18th, 2008

The other day I posted a question, from the Fluther collective I got good responses and they started to confirm my gut feeling and suspicion about who the culprit may have been.
My next question to the collective is what should I do about my “friend”, i didn’t catch him red handed and so he can’t be accused. At this point in time i have decided to not make any contact with him to see what he does or says. He isn’t a “friend” that I meet up with regularly either but would be in contact via email. So far I haven’t heard from him and its about 3 weeks since it happened.
Its churning over in my head now as I not sure if this is the right course of action to cut off from him, even if he sends an email.

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Did you tell your girlfriend that it was $300 missing? Strange.

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Kick their ass. Problem solved.

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Let it go and chalk it up to experience. Keep an eye on your friend in the future.

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You have to weigh the value of the friendship against the value of the gag.

In the grand scheme $150 isn’t much, but then again friends who steal petty cash aren’t very valuable themselves.

Keep your distance. Watch and wait. You’ve got the right idea.

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Set him up:

- Write down your bill serial numbers in your wallet.
– Repeat the situation where he has alone time with your wallet in public.
– Money goes missing twice while he’s present is certainly good cause to ask then. And with the serial numbers, you have irrefutable proof.

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