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Do you think I'm a bad person for not doing more to clean this antifreeze my car left on the gravel driveway?

Asked by Cindy1302 (545points) 1 week ago

We’re I live there is a gravel driveway. I saw a big wet spot underneath the front of my car. I think its antifreeze. I took some kitty litter and spread it on the wet spot then I shoveled about 3 inches of the gravel off but I didn’t go down much further because I didn’t want to make a hole. Am I a bad person?

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You only cripple yourself if you are going to wander through life constantly concerned over what others think of you. SCREW EM! In the main, the overwhelming majority aren’t worthy of your concern.

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Yes I do.

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You could have gone at least 6 inches deep, and afterwards fill it up again, with asphalt.
Now it comes over as haphazardly.

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It was probably not even antifreeze, but water that drips out after you have ran your air conditioner.

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Terrible. If I were you, I would go to church tomorrow and pray for forgiveness from the gravel gods.

@Cindy1302 – this is now way to live. Quit worrying or you will die an early death of worry, for no good reason.

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I am trying to imagine your funeral service, where some speaker starts riffing about what an evil person you were, and citing this story.
Chill the fuck out.
If it bothers you, go buy some gravel and fill the hole.

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Nah. You made an attempt. That is good.
The antifreeze is water soluble. It will disappear after a rain or two.

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So many of your questions ask “Am I a bad person for doing ____” or “Am I a bad person for not doing______?” I think you are too hard on yourself. The majority of people in the world are not looking to crucify others for minor things.

Do you have anxiety?

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I think you need your head gasket replaced.

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The vast majority of people that you’re so freakin’ worried about don’t give a shit. Do yourself a favor and quit stressing about every little thing. A number of us have pointed this out to you numerous times.

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Yep. I’m calling the cops as I type this.

Three inches is fine. You are fine.

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Did you find the leak? That is much more important than the wet spot on the gravel.

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@Cindy1302: You are, from what I can tell, NOT a bad person. Clearly though, you are convinced you are and keep seeking evidence to prove it.

I’m not sure who convinced you of this, but I can almost guarantee, they were wrong.

((HUGS)) You really gotta learn to love yourself — even a little bit.

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To be sure of what it is, taste it. Antifreeze is sweet and is poisonous to animals who might drink it in enough quantities to kill themselves. Water from your A/C unit is just water and won’t taste like anything except water and is no threat to animals. So please do clean up antifreeze like you did, to the best of your abilities, like you did, and thank you for doing so!

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