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As usual, what's wrong about the following "scientific" explanations of the TV series "Bones", S10E01?

Asked by luigirovatti (2667points) June 24th, 2022

“Bones”, as you guessed, deals in forensic anthropology. The following comment (made by me) is from an exam of a corpse:

The team wants to remove adipocere, and urine from the body to have clean bones. One problem: someone put the urine in there to increase the acidity. Removing the adipocere, you damage the bones.

So, interesting case for me. Anyway, I personally think I mishmashed many things that together don’t make sense.

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Sorry I binge watched Bones not long ago & I know so little about what they are saying that I just have to take their word for it & I don’t try to rationalize it. Wish I could help you, but I don’t understand it myself!!!

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I don’t see how the removing of natural decomposing soft tissue or urine can damage bones.
You are right. It doesn’t make sense.

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