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Is the abortion issue a distraction from Jan 6th?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (21489points) 1 month ago

Just wondering?

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If anything, it’s the other way around.

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I think the recent SCOTUS attack on abortion rights is definitely part of a political tactic, distraction and that the right-wing news-spinners have been trying to build a false narrative of equivalency of protests, etc., as well.

Of course it’s other things too.

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Distraction implies that they do not actually care about abortion, so it is as much a distraction from the insurrection as Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union was a distraction from the Holocaust. Meaning not at all.

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@ragingloli I’m sure almost all of the politicians don’t actually care about abortion, and would even prefer the right to choose abortion in their own lives, and the lives of most of the women they impregnate.

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Another case that will be decided soon, and whose outcome could be just as devastating as the overturning or R v. W, is a case that seeks to strip the EPA of its regulatory powers.
Republicans are sueing over Obama-era carbon regulations (which never even went into effect), argueing that regulations should only be done by Congress, and can not be delegated to government agencies.
If they win, it would not only mean that the EPA no longer has any power, but it would also open the door to gut all other regulatory bodies of their powers, too, meaning OSHA, FDA, FAA, the whole lot.
And the fact that the SC chose to take the case, even though the rules being sued over never went into effect, and thus the plaintiffs do not have standing, indicates that the far right justices intend to rule in their favour.
Considering the political gridlock in Congress, no regulations would ever be passed, so you can see the problem.
Darker times are ahead, still.

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When I say “abortion”, I of course mean taking away women’s bodily autonomy and the deny their right to self determination, which they very much care about.

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No. They are completely separate issues.

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… Or is all the partisan jungle fighting between Returdlicans and Democraps a distraction from democracy?

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I’m not distracted. I watched the hearing yesterday. (Wild!)
Then I put a note in my calendar to vote *NO * on August 2nd on the abortion issue.

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@JLoon I like the way you think. You almost sound like Jesse Ventura, but he puts it a little less bluntly. And given a choice, which he says we really don’t have, I think he would favor Dems over Repubs.

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It might be for the Trump supporters. Most of them aren’t watching the hearing anyway.

The Democrats I know, and my pro-choice Republican friends who think Trump was a horrible president, we all are following the hearing and angry about the abortion issue all at once. We aren’t distracted.

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It is an extension of it.

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I’m a grown up. I can think about both of them at the same time.

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