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Has anyone had a summer cold this year?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11160points) July 7th, 2022 from iPhone

Not Covid, but a summer cold? I’m staying with my sister and niece. All three of us have terrible colds. We tested negative for Covid.

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There has been a wicked cold going through Northern Claifornia, my son had it as did a friend of mie. Both tested negative for Covid, But both were laid out for a over a week.

My son got an ear infetion and had to go to an urgent care. My friend said he had a similar ear ache but it cleared up, although his cough lasted a week and a half,

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I haven’t yet.
[knock on wood]

But know of several people who have. Both adults and children. Probably the part of “returning to normal” that I don’t really miss.

That said, I also know of several people who had covid, but tested negative with an antigen test. PCR confirmed positive.

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I haven’t been sick since before Covid. Nothing, nada, zip! I’m lucky I guess.
Of course, I am Covid double vaxxed and boosted, and I get flu shots regularly and I got the vaccine for shingles.
I honestly cannot remember the last time I was sick. 4 years? 5 years? Maybe longer.

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I haven not had a cold ever since the pandemic started. Masks and Quarantine work gangbusters.

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I have had a couple of colds, and I am so careful and fruity cat that I don’t know how. They’ve been pretty mild, though. I hope you guys feel better, what a misery!

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Mrs Squeeky and I are still in ours at day14 horrible cough ,and nose that won’t stop running bad congestion.
And have tested negative three times for covid.

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No. I read there was a respiratory illness circulating but I’ve not heard of a single person having it.

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I haven’t had a cold since 1995.

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Not me.
I’ve had a cold summer though, England does that.

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Not since before covid

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Not me, no colds since covid began, but plenty of people I know have been sick with either covid or some other cold recently. I’m still wearing a mask half the time. Where I live most people are still being cautious when they feel sick and are staying home. That doesn’t stop the incubation period spread, but cuts down some of the colds from moving around.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be traveling, let’s see if I can avoid getting sick. Cross my fingers.

@zenvelo That’s interesting, because on a recent Disney Facebook thread two people were talking about ear trouble, but there’s was covid related.

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When I was on the cruise last month, I caught Covid. I didn’t test positive for several days, but felt like I had either a cold or bad allergies.

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^^Happening to a lot of people I know.

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Nope. I had a cold in April and that was the first cold I’d had since 2018. Knock on wood.

Yesterday I had a bout of food poisoning though. >.<

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Food poisoning @Demosthenes?? How did that happen??

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@Demosthenes Might have been norovirus, it seemed to be really bad this past winter dragging well into spring.

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@Dutchess_III I don’t know exactly; it seems to have come from a salsa I was eating, though I can’t prove it. But it’s the only “unusual” thing I ate that day.

@JLeslie Seemed like it, based on the symptoms.

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I got food poisoning in college once….and I didn’t have my mommy there.

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Yes, I think it was about 3 months ago. Fairly bad, but mainly that sinuses were messed up and was tired for a long time after. (Was not Covid symptoms.)

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Have not gotten a cold since I started masking and social distancing in populated areas.

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