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What does it mean when your partner said she needs her space ?

Asked by PredatorGanazX (222points) September 18th, 2008

Further converstation reveals that too much of your presence makes her sick ..

her defination of space is no text, no calls and of cause no meeting each other up for untill she is ready to meet up again.

Is this a goner .. like out of site out of mind kinda of thing ?

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Same girl? Even though this is a different question, same answer.
Dump her. (And be glad!)

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She is dumping you, so dump her first.

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PGX: I’d say to dump her, but at the very very least—leave her alone. She’s asked you to back off so you need to or you’ll have bigger problems.

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…doesn’t sound good…...

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That’s not space, that’s the brush off. Does she just want you to hang around until it’s convenient for her? Are you ok with that?

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You got it right guys ,,,

Did confront her and she is in her seductive way said that she is not being selfish or pushing me away in this matter she just love to be all alone.

cant help but I sense she used a sarcastic tone the way she said it .

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She is keeping you available in case her current interests don’t pan out. She means she is through. Saying that too much of your presence makes her sick is unnecessarily cruel and emotionally abusive.

This will not get better. Please take steps to protect yourself and get away from this.

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Walk away. Better yet, run.

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It’s a good thing I’m spoken for; been out of the “game” for many years!

But if I were in your shoes, I would tell her that’s not your style, so you’re moving on to a girl who’s more interesting to be around and doesn’t mind the company.

Your dependency on her presence is what she’s feeding off of; let her know (without being too obvious that you’re on to her), that you are complying with her wishes, and by the way, “you don’t mind if <name of other girl here> joins me for <name of nice restaurant and entertainment> tonight? Good, I knew you’d understand! Have fun with your evening alone!”

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Blaim me ,, ;-)

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What she’s telling you is that she needs time and activities that don’t center around you.

The question is why she is telling you this.

Maybe you’re a clingy person by nature, and that doesn’t work for her—she likes you and all, but she’s being clear that she needs time away. I’ve been in a relationship with a clingy person, and it’s not fun if you’re not inclined that way.

Maybe she’s trying to break up with you by degrees, hoping you drift apart if she forces you to take time away from her.

Maybe she’s really getting off on how much you need her, and she’s manipulating you because she can.

It’s impossible to say why she’s doing what she’s doing at this distance. It’s something you need to work out, or you need to give us a lot more information.

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Take the high road and run.

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